Gear cutters Make Gears Usable

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Gear cutters are tools that are used to cut gears and provide it precision keeping into consideration the needs. Cutting gears according to the needs become necessary considering its vast usage. The fact of the matter is that gear plays an important role in running machines smoothly and effectively and therefore it becomes necessary to focus more on the precision thing. After all they decide the proper functioning of gears.

After cutting gears, gears are created which can be used. The most popular ways that are often used in gear cutting is broaching and hobbing. Gears are also fetched into shape using gear shaper cutters and milling cutters.

HOBBING- Itís a way of cutting gears that brings with it some generation. It means itís a process of generating gears. Further there are different types of hobs that are in use today. The prime among them are involute gear hob, involute spline and serration hob. Involute gear hobs are mainly used for cutting gears with precision. No other way of cutting gears brings more precision than this. Involute spline is a standard method and used to cut all types of splines. The serration hob is used when thereís the need of accuracy. It cuts gears with accuracy as per the requirement.

BROACHING- This method is used when precision is required in machines and that too in odd ones. It is used for almost all kinds of machines whether it is big or small. Broaching is of two types- rotary and linear.

GEAR SHAPER CUTTER- When the need of accurate cutting edges and clearances is felt, this is used. This is considered as the second best way of producing gears after hobbing. The different types of gear shaper cutters that are mainly used for the purpose are coniflex cutter, spiral bevel cutter and disk type helical cutter. Coniflex cutter is known for producing accurate teeth while spiral bevel cutter is used when there is the need of spinal bevel gears. Disk type helical cutter is flexible and can be used for cutting any type of gears.

GEAR MILLING CUTTER- As the name suggests, this tool is generally used to cut gears used in machining centers. This is also available in different types and designs and is used for different purposes. Single and double cutter, concave cutter, convex cutter and involute are some of them.

Gears are generally made from metal, plastic and wood. Gear cutters are used to bring them into the desired shape so that they can become usable. Itís on the manufacturers that what kind of tools they find suitable to use. They keep in mind the use of it and accordingly use the best tool to cut it and shape it.

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