Garden Supplies: What You Need Before You Plant Flowers

By: Steven D Smith

If you have decided that you would like to grow a beautiful flower garden, you are probably excited to get started. Flowers provide a natural beauty, and when you have carefully tended to and grown the flowers yourself, there is a tremendous amount of love and pride that comes from it. If you are new to gardening and you want to succeed in keeping a beautiful, healthy space, you may want to consider getting all of the supplies that you need before you begin buying seeds or flowers from a nursery.

If you plan to grow some or all of your flowers from seed, you need to have the supplies on hand that will allow you to be a success. Youíll need to think about having small pots or plastic containers or trays that are used for getting seeds to start growing. In addition to the pots and trays and the like, you should have potting mixture that is meant specifically for encouraging seedlings to sprout.

Garden tools are an important part of keeping a healthy garden. You should consider purchasing, if you donít already have one, a hand trowel, a hoe or rake and if you donít like muddy hands, you may want to consider picking up a pair or two of garden gloves. Spacing is an important part of having a healthy flower garden, so a tape measure or even a measuring stick may serve you well as you learn to space the plants the proper distant apart.

All plants, including flowers, need to be watered for them to continue to grow and be healthy. You need to consider, before you plant, how you intend to water the garden. Some people install drip irrigation systems, while others rely on a combination of rain and a sprinkler head attached to a hose from your home. Knowing ahead of time what your plans are will aide you in planting the flowers so that they can benefit most from the water that they do receive.

Soil is an important part of your flower garden. You may want to buy soil, or you may just want to consider the additives for your soil that will ensure that it will allow for your garden to grow. You may want to add compost or a fertilizer that is meant for the flowers that you are intending to grow. There are soil kits available at most nurseries, which can help you determine what, if any additives will be necessary for your soil.

Even if you are gardening for the first time, when you plan ahead you will find that growing flowers doesnít need to be the overwhelming or scary process than you thought it was. A lot of people are intimidated by growing their own flowers, but when you plan ahead and you do some research and some prep work, it can be a fun and enjoyable process, even when you are otherwise unfamiliar with the gardening process.

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