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By: Belia Dagle

Loved by people both young and old, there are many games consoles to choose from in the modern age. Regular technological advances have meant that they've come a long way since the early days of the Magnavox Odyssey - released back in 1972.
In the seventies there were only one or two main games consoles to choose from; however there is now a good range of home and handheld consoles - each boasting unique features - available. A number of these modern games consoles can be found on the BT Shop website.
But which are the best games consoles available from the BT Shop?
Here are just two of the best that can be purchased from the BT Shop.
Microsoft Xbox 360 Console (includes Kinect and Adventures): Released in 2005, the Microsoft Xbox 360 has become one of the most popular games consoles in the world. This particular model - available from the BT Shop - is somewhat smaller than the original model, meaning that it can sit comfortably on a shelf or a small table.
The Xbox 360 also holds the honour of being the only console to have built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi - which is built in. This means that gamers can download and stream movies and TV - in HD quality -and play games with users of Microsoft's Xbox LIVE service.
A standard HDMI output slot makes it possible to play the latest Xbox 360 titles in the best quality on HD ready TVs - also available from the BT Shop.
It also has a built-in 4GB hard drive - which is removable - allowing gamers to store their game saves, as well as anything downloaded from the Xbox LIVE store. With Xbox exclusive titles, such as Halo, Gears of War and Alan Wake, the Xbox 360 is a console that definitely shouldn't be missed.
A selection of games for the Xbox 360 can also be found on the BT Shop website.
Nintendo 3DS Console: Nintendo have always been renowned for their handheld offerings, with the Gameboy and Gameboy Advance considered highly influential on handheld gaming as it is today.
The 3DS - available from the BT Shop - is Nintendo's latest handheld console; it takes the shape and dual-screen display of the original Nintendo DS and improves on it by offering stereoscopic 3D and improved graphics.
It features three cameras - one forward facing camera which can be used to capture standard 2D images and two further cameras, positioned on the back of the console, which can be used to take 3D pictures. The Nintendo 3DS also offers backward compatibility, recognising the back catalogue of standard DS games - which can also be bought from the BT Shop - that many gamers will already have built up.
Many of the 3DS' innovative games - including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Super Mario 3D Land - make great use of the dual-screen set-up and stereoscopic 3D - providing an incredibly immersive gaming experience.
Those looking for games for the precursor to the Nintendo 3DS, the Nintendo DS, can find them on the BT Shop website; there are also a range of accessories for the standard DS available at the BT Shop.

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Many generations have grown up with video games since the first console was released in the seventies. This article details two of the best games consoles currently available from the BT Shop.

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