Game Online Is Really Bad For Your Children Or Not

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Nowadays, the situation that more and more young people are edicted to online games is a disturbing problem in this modern social. Through some media such as television, newspaper or internet... we can easily know the harmful effect of game addiction. Parents often do not feel secure when let their children use computer, especially let their kids play games. Because, they are afraid that their kids will become game online addicts. Some parents forbid theid kids from computers. Or they will unplug the internet so that their kids can not access the internet to play games online.
Just thinking for a while, it will be very unreasonable if parents forbid their kids play games only because of being afraid of game addiction as above. Parents do not allow their kids to use internet and computer. It means that parents make their own kids become underdeveloped. Because technology is being developed day by day. Children is young generation, they neen to catch up with these changes of technology. So we should let our kid approach technology early. Can we think of any other method instead of forbid our kid to access the internet? How we can control our kids of using computer, accessing the internet and playing games effectively?
According to some fact analysis, we easily find out some benefit of playing games. People often say that “playing games make players’ eyesight become weekened”. However, there are some study showing that games improve your eyesight. Moreover, playing games can improve your their fertile imagination, analysis ability, logical deduction and aesthetic sense. Because playing games require that players must combine in action of your hands, your eyes and your mind at the same time. When playing, players also must concentrate on games to win. Therefore, your reacting speed and reflex ability will be improved.
What is the reason why almost people still say that they will forbid their kids playing games? I think the most reason is they have not found out the right games for their kids yet. In the internet, there are many kinds of games online that do not make your kids addicted such as: fashion games, dress up games, room decor, action puzzle, cooking games, doll maker,… these games are designed suitable with the interest and psychology of teenagers. Besides playing these games also is the opportunity for our kids to imagine and in some case to practice some work similar to our real life.
In addition, you can control the time your kids’ schedule include times for study, time for playing games, time for meet friends... If your kids have times to participate in some social activities outside, they will have right thought of life and have passion to social activity and studying. They will realize that computer, internet and games online just only are the tools help their life better. They will know how to arrange their time for studying and other activities instead of wasting all their time in playing games. After all these reasons, do you think that games online are really harmful for your kids?

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