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One of the biggest questions on a mobile gamblers mind is what smartphone to buy for mobile gambling apps. There are literally hundreds of smartphones mobile gamblers can buy. Today, we delve into the world of mobile gambling by looking at the most profitable mobile gambling smartphones.
Asymco is a well-known research company. Previously, it released information pertaining to the success of mobile gambling. It seems that they have released another set of figures only recently.
These figures show that Apple has made the most profits when it comes to smartphones and iphone betting. In fact, the profits that Apple has made make up 73% of the global smartphone profits. The iPhone casinos are incredibly popular amongst mobile gamblers. With vivid graphics and optimized gameplay, it is understandable why they have captured so much of the market.
Although Samsung is known as the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, it seems that it is trailing behind Apple in terms of total android gambling. Coming behind Apple, Samsung has managed to acquire 26% of the total profits.
HTC comes in the race at third with a small 1% acquirement; however, considering all the other giants (Sony, Nokia, LG, Motorola and RIM), 1% is still good. After all, a small percent of something big is better than nothing. The Android casinos on HTC phones are primarily to thank for this 1%. Were it not for these mobile casinos, HTC may not have been able to acquire this 1%.
If these figures point out anything, it is that the more advanced the smartphone is, the more people will buy it. Again, going back to Samsung being the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer yet it only has 26% of total sales which is primarily because of the features that Apple’s products offer.
However, these figures judged sales of the first quarter of 2012. With Samsung’s new Galaxy S III flagship smartphone due to be released soon, it could truly tip the scales and steal the spotlight from Apple. HTC is not far behind either as it is soon to release its HTC One series phones. However, according to many experts, even these smartphones will fall short of knocking Apple off its throne.
Then again, nothing can be said until the actual phones are released. Looking at the technical specifications and demonstrations of the S III and the one series phones, mobile gamblers seem to be drooling for iphone gambling or gambling apps. I guess we will have to wait for Asymco’s Q2 report to see the effects these phones have but keep something in mind: it was just over a year ago that everyone was only iPhone crazy. Now, the media spotlight is almost equally being shared with the other contenders due to significant advancements made in both software (Android, Windows) and hardware (better non-iPhone builds packed with amazing power). More and more articles are coming out asking if Apple has peaked and with less than stellar launches recently (like the disappointing new iPad / iPad 3 / whatever), this question come at no surprise.

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