Gain Weight: Healthy Weight Gain

By: Roger Gordon

There are many reasons why people want to gain weight. Some people want to gain weight because they are dissatisfied with their body image while other people want to gain weight for health reasons. Before you begin any weight gain program it is important that you understand how weight gain and weight loss works.

So specifically what is wrong with being under weight? Perhaps one of the biggest problems with being under weight is having weak bones. Research shows that people who are under weight have bones that aren't as strong as they should, and could, be.

It may be difficult for your body to put on weight when you are fighting a health issue. However, by working closely with your doctor you should be able to gain some weight so that you can increase your muscle mass.

If you want to gain weight there are several things that you can do that are safe and healthy. Try to eat larger portions of food several times a day. Also, try to eat foods that have a high calorie count. You can increase your appetite by doing some mild exercise. Exercise will also help you to gain muscle mass instead of fat. The following guidelines will help you gain weight, or regain weight. Keep in mind that weight gain results are different for each individual and should be undertaken with the help of a dietitian or a doctor.

Before you start taking any type of diet supplement you need to create a balanced diet plan for weight gain. Once you are eating to gain weight you can make the decision of whether or not you want to a weight gain product to your diet or not.

One of the last things that you should look at before you decide that you want to gain weight is how you happy you are with your body image. What are the reasons that you want to gain weight? Make sure that you gain weight for the right reasons. You may be a bit under weight and just want to gain weight to improve your body image. The big question is whether an improvement in your body image is going to make you any happier.

Before you start any diet to gain weight you need to know just how under weight you are and how much weight you need to gain. Start your weight gain program by knowing what a healthy weight is for your body type and for your height. Keep in mind that several things determine your body type.

If you want to gain weight but have a high percentage of body fat you'll want a diet plan with a nutrient ratio of 40% or 50% of protein. This type of diet plan is good for men you have more than 15% body fat and women whose body fat is more than 25%.If you want to gain weight not only do you need to cut back on your cardio workout you also need to focus on the strength training aspects of your workout.

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