Gain Chest Muscle Using Only 3 Super Effective Exercises

By: Taylor S. Parkhurst

Every year guys tell themselves they're going to gain chest muscle by the summer time. Every guy wants to show off their muscular chest at the beach. For most people, achieving a big chest is very hard to do. If you are at the gym day in and day out and aren't seeing any gains, then you need to use these 3 exercises to gain chest muscle...
1. Flat bench press - This is your ordinary bench press, but one of the top muscle building and strength gaining exercises in bodybuilding. This exercise will work your middle chest.
2. Incline bench press - You want your bench inclined at about 45 degrees. The bar should come down to your upper chest, inches away from your chin. This exercise will work your upper chest.
3. Decline bench press - You want your bench decline so your feet are at a higher level off the ground than your head. The bar should come down to your lower chest. This exercise will work your lower chest.
Make sure you do each rep correctly. You don't want momentum. Perform each repetition nice and slowly for maximum strength building. Do this workout 2-3 times a week and try doing 4 sets of 8-10 reps for each exercise. You want to feel pretty sore and have a nice pump at the end of these exercises. If you don't, then you're not lifting enough weight. The only person you are cheating is yourself on this one. If you want to gain chest muscle, then you need to start pushing yourself to the limit. It might be hard at first, but when you start getting into it and start seeing results, it will come easier and you will want to push yourself for even bigger gains.
This workout is only 1 of many that you can use to explode your muscle gains. Try this out for now and you can always move up in weight or change it up to another workout after you hit a plateau phase.

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