Gadgets we can't live without

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As technology advances and the world becomes more and more internet and gadget dependent, an elite few devices have come to the forefront as the most used and most loved. While you might guess some of them right away, others may surprise you! Here is the list of the top gadgets that the world just canít live without


This should come as no surprise to anyone within a hundred mile radius of a cellphone tower. Smartphones have quickly become the device of choice for Americans and people the world over. Whether itís iOS, Android, or something else, smartphones are here to stay. Why? Because they do everything! They wake us up in the mornings, keep us in touch with friends and family, store our music, our videos and or photos, and best of all , they fit in our pockets. Whether we like it or not, smartphones are at the top of the list for gadgets we canít live without.


Tablets come in next on our list for several reasons. Sometimes, you just need a big screen and smartphones donít always cut it in that department. technology and gadgets Tablets can give you the screen size of a laptop without all the hassle. Laptops can be cumbersome and awkward, especially in places like the bus, a train, or an airplane. Tablets get rid of the bulk and perform most of the same functions. Lighter, thinner and way more fun, tablets are the laptops of the future and there is no denying that they have quickly become one of those gadgets that we cannot live without!


While this may not fall into the ďgadgetsĒ category as well as some of our other choices, Bluetooth capability is something that people the world over have grown to love. From our wireless headphones, speakers and printers, to our hands-free driving earpieces, Bluetooth has taken the messy wires away from our beloved gadgets and for that we are thankful! Bluetooth has made it easy to sync our smartphones and tablets to tons of different accessories and that is why it comes in as one of those gadgets that we just canít get on without!


Most people will argue that tablets and e-readers are the same kind of gadgets, but that simply is not true! Why does the world love e-readers so much? Because they are designed specifically for reading media! Unlike tablets, e-readers are able to visually deliver the coarseness of a newspaper, the glossiness of a magazine, and the crisp look of a new book. While tablets may have an e-reader installed on them, the glass display usually loses the aesthetic effect that real e-readers have on the material. Because book-lovers everywhere know and love the difference, e-readers make our list of gadgets we canít live without!

Wireless Internet

Last on our list is the invention that everyone takes for granted! Where would we be without wireless internet to power all of our gadgets? From tablets to smartphones, everyone has hopped on the wireless connection in Starbucks, a restaurant, or even their neighbors house, to check their email and save their allotted 3G (or 4G) data. Wireless internet has certainly become one of those gadgets that we canít function without!

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