GRP Roofing - Great News For Homeowners - Bad News For Muddy Birds

By: William Penworthy

GRP roofing may be the perfect solution as the winter weather dumps yet more water on our roofs. The trouble with many existing flat roofs is that they hold water, with puddles of rainwater gathering to create delightful baths for the birds, although doing very little in terms of helping to keep your porch, bay window, shed or kitchen extension dry.

As puddles of water gather on flat roofs they create a focussed weight that creates a deeper and wider distortion, becoming heavier and more noticeable quite quickly. Eventually the roof fabric is stretched, and the seams torn, which means that the flat roof is offering little or no protection. You'll quickly find this out the next time the wind blows the rain against the roof and you wake up to find that in addition to offering a free bird bath on your roof, you're now offering an indoors alternative too.

Whilst the RSPB might be delighted at your charitable nature, sadly your family, and the value of your home, will not reveal such a positive inclination toward your roofing choices. In which case, it may be helpful to consider the advantages that GRP roofing offers. Glass reinforced polyester, or fibreglass flat roofs are known to provide a long lasting, completely waterproof alternative to older methods of creating flat roofs.

GRP or glass reinforced polyester is an extremely durable and resilient material, with most fibreglass flat roofs easily lasting 30 years, during which time they don't sag, split, or gather water unlike many other flat roofs. GRP roofing is also a convenient and safe alternative in terms of fitting, since it can be applied cold. Most flat roofs require naked flames and blowtorches, which always represent a danger, and usually mean that while the roof is being fitted no one else can be working in the vicinity.

However, since glass reinforced polyester flat roofs are fitted cold it means that they are completely safe, and other work can continue to be carried out close by. It's also extremely quick to fit, and being a lightweight material requires very few people to fit it, which helps to lower the price still further.

In some cases people don't want their existing flat roof ripped out and replaced - they just need a layer of protection. Fibreglass flat roofs can be used in this way, being placed over existing roofing to create a waterproof barrier, and create a more pleasing visual appearance.

The appearance of roofs can also be changed or adapted using GRP roofing, such as transforming a flat roof into pitched roofing. This is particularly useful for bay windows, porches, garages and sheds, or for car bay areas. With pitched roofing the rainwater can be channelled off quickly, so that the roof remains clean, and clear, with no gathering puddles of rainwater or piles of soggy leaves creating potential blockages for guttering and drainpipes.

Flat roofs often require extensive maintenance, with the wooden beams requiring replacement over time, the felt material requiring repair or replacement, and the seams requiring regular sealing and repair. Failing to do this will lead inevitably to leakages, with rainwater quickly finding its way through the cracks and seams, becoming absorbed in the wooden panels, and creating further damage through warping of the wood or splitting.

It is then only a matter of time before you start to find the walls in the porch or kitchen becoming cold and damp, with mildew building up. This is clearly not a pleasant situation to be in, but there are also significant health concerns to bear in mind too.

GRP roofing offers a quick and affordable solution to all of these problems, which means that your home can look smarter, stay drier, more secure and more healthy for much longer. However, it may not be such good news for the birds, so perhaps to salve your conscious you might nip out and buy a bag of nuts.

Keeping fibreglass flat roofs clean is easy. Simply wipe over with a wet cloth, or just point the hosepipe at it occasionally. As there's no wood involved, there's no risk of warping, splitting or shrinkage, and the entire roof is hermetically sealed, preventing water from entering at any point. A seamless roof is one which is far more likely to withstand the somewhat inclement weather we can expect both during the winter months and, sadly, the summer ones too these days.

Many homeowners are choosing GRP roofing for one of three main reasons. Either to help protect their home from the onslaught of the British weather, to improve the visual appearance of their home, or to add value to their home. In many cases it will be a combination of these factors, but there's certainly no denying that glass reinforced polyester flat roofs do manage to achieve all three benefits.

By protecting your home in a way that is visually attractive it's inevitable that the value of your home will be increased. Whether you're looking to sell your home, or enjoy living in it without your porch or kitchen floor resembling a bird bath, GRP roofing is the modern, affordable and convenient solution.

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