By: Juan Giblin

Industrial equipment plays an important role in the smooth functioning of an industry. Different kinds of machines, heavy vehicles used have to be geared to the optimum level of efficiency in order to make a fruitful production possible. Coming to the crux of running a machine, the kind of engine, fuel, lubricating oils, etc. used play a key role in determining the operation of the equipment. The industry that deals with the technical aspects of how a machine could work to its best capacity is a research lab by itself where scientists are persistently finding out newer permutations and combinations of making the best possible lubricant for flawless functioning.

The diesel fuel lubricity needs to be extremely high in order to avoid any kind of breakdown ensuring adequate performance. We offer the right lubricity test through our excellent equipment to assess the lubricity of the fuel you intend using in your machines and further trying to improvise its viscosity with our chemically tested methods that have proven successful. Normally an excess amount of sulphur in the diesel decreases its lubricity. You may wonder why should diesel be used as a lubricant when different kinds of engine oils are easily available. To cut down costs and to make the best use of fuel especially in the rotary and distributor type fuel injection pumps. It is in these pumps that the diesel fuel can also be used as a lubricant where the fuel is used to lubricate the walls between the reciprocating piece and the container. It has been often misunderstood that the viscosity of the liquid is directly proportionate to the diesel fuel acting as a lubricant. But in fact, the components of the diesel fuel have to be closely observed as the wrong component could cause the metal to wear. If you've been wondering why your machinery has been breaking down so many times, resulting in unachieved targets of production, its time you relied on us for your fuel's lubricity test. The high-end technology that we use to produce testers that determine the efficiency of lubricity that is generated from the diesel fuel usage. The fuel undergoes a lubricity test is a process that helps you arrive at how refined a diesel fuel is, or from what source the diesel fuel has been produced. Depending on the quality of the source and the refining process it undergoes, the lubricity of the fuel varies. The two most efficient tests that we do with our technical expertise is the BOCLE which is the Ball on cylinder lubricity evaluator and the HFRR which is the high frequency reciprocating rig. At times a lot of additives in the fuel is added to make it lubricant enough and it is the HFRR test, which gives you a clear characterization of the lubricity of fuels. We have it all and you need not wonder which one is the best for your machines as we have a team of analysts who would do the job of choosing the right kind of testing equipment to suit your industrial needs.

Get your business rolling with a new vigor as we have some of the best testers in the industry to ensure you of the right level diesel fuel lubricity to surge ahead with unhampered processes of the required industrial needs.

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