Future is nearer than you think

By: gramsmith

As Einstein once said the third world war will be fought with sticks and stones. It’s not far when human interaction with technology will bring devastation to humanity. The devastation will in the end leave humans with nothing but the basic things like sticks and stones.
If we think about these interactions than even orthodox humans are inclined to this prophecy. Nonetheless they belong to any religion. But how and what are those things that will bring such devastation? That is a concept to research upon.
But here, with me I have some possible phenomenons, for example:
1. Rapyuta – the brain of Robots: Have you seen Eagle eye? If not, then you should see that film to understand the concept in a better way. Rapyuta is a virtual brain of every robot that will be made from now onwards. Rapyuta can control what robots see and what they perceive virtually without any connection to human world. But what if rapyuta is hacked by any firm? Then what ever they will feed in to the minds of robots will indeed be a devastating experience. And if not that, there are also chances that robotic brains will become even more intelligent than humans. In such a scenario, our imagination is the destination.. Let’s do a reality check first.We cannot manage our time efficiently because time is passing at every movement. Whether it’s that you are at home or you are outside of the home, time will pass. If you are playing a game or reading a book still time will pass.Time managing as some people say is difficult, in reality is very easy. People can manage their time without much problem if they take some productive steps. That is, prioritizing.In ‘prioritizing’ we have sections, urgent and important, urgent but not important, important but not urgent and not important and not urgent. We take the decisions on the following basis. It’s up to you to categorize which task is in the first column, which is in second and which one is at least.Find out where are you wasting your time? Do you think you can be more effective at managing? Find out the core aspects. Where and how would you like to start your routine.
2. Smart phones: People today are getting dependent more on technology. And not just smart phones, these devices are turning to our personal assistants. And just like we see in movies personal assistants took over businesses. Just like that what if personal assistants, that we use as smart phones ever took us over?
Yes, most will grant me as pessimist, but again the chances stuck ‘what if?’
These are just two small examples. And world is not that big anymore because according to some assumptions by BBC future. In the next 30 years robots will surpass humans in intelligence. But what will happen then is not defined anywhere. And if we start thinking by ourselves, than what human can perceive is what our imagination can perceive. But if the brain thinking is doubled than the world, either will turn to a more developed one or into a chaos.
But let’s not be more pessimistic, optimism is the word of today.

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The writer is not as pessimist as you think and he works as a content writer in a company logo design. His fellows are photography logo makers and custom logo designers.

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