Funny Stories with Moral for All

By: Jasmine Montford

Funny short stories, anecdotes and jokes are meant to elicit laughter in its audience. Of course, laughter is often the knee-jerk reaction to such hilarious tales but most, if not all, funny stories with moral are also intended to make the audience think deeper about love, life and relationships. Here are a few of these funny stories with a moral lesson to teach.

The Naked Wife and Her Towel

While wrapped in a towel, a wife answered the door while her husband was in the shower. When she opened the door, their good friend Bob was at the door. Bon enters, sits at the sofa and tells her, “I will give you $1,000 to drop your towel and let me see you naked.”

The wife, thinking that $1,000 is big money, then proceeded to drop the towel and let Bob see her in her birthday suit. Bob gives her the $1000 and leaves. When she went back to the bathroom, her husband asked, “Was that Bob? Did he give you the $1,000 he owes me?”

Lesson: Ask questions first before showing sensitive information. This is probably the most important of the succeeding funny stories with moral in this article especially in these times when identity theft is all too common.

The Genie Grants Wishes

A clerk, sales representative and manager were out walking to a restaurant for their lunch when they came upon an antique lamp. They all rubbed its sides and out came a genie.

As the wont of genies, the three friends were given one wish that will be granted by the genie’s magical powers. Both the clerk and sales representative were very eager to make their wishes, both of which involved tropical vacations, fast cars and grand houses. The manager waited his turn and said, “I want those two people back in the office after lunch hour.”

Lesson: Always allow your boss to have the first say in any conversation where he is present. And while we are at it, let him have the last say, too. Otherwise, you will be the subject of many funny short stories in the office.

When reading funny stories with moral, we suggest laughing at the joke first before thinking about the moral. This way, you can let your brain relax first before putting it to work, so to speak.

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