Funny Love Stories That Make You Laugh with Joy

By: Jasmine Montford

Relationship experts agree that laughter is one of the best tools in sustaining a loving, obsessive and happy relationship among couples. This is not surprising considering that laughter strengthens the emotional bond, eases the tensions, and reinforces the similarities between the individuals in the relationship. With this is mind, you can just imagine the benefits that come with telling funny love stories to each other.

Better yet, you can appreciate these funny stories for their applications in your own relationship! You may even have a few funny anecdotes about your each other and about your relationship that can be narrated to your family and friends. Let’s take a look at a few examples of funny stories about love, romance and relationships.

Drunken Love

In vino, veritas. In wine, there is truth and there are funny love stories, too. A man discovered that coming home drunk has its share of benefits – priceless ones, actually.

He was so drunk that he barely knew how he ever got home. When he woke up, his house was spotless, his breakfast was on the table and his wife left a loving note, to boot, although he had a black eye. It turns out that, when his wife was undressing him, he shouted, “Leave me alone, I love my wife!” while his black eye came from falling on the stairs.

Now, that’s one of the best funny love stories with a moral you will ever hear. So, the next time you are drunk, be sure to declare your love for your wife. You never know if it is, indeed, your wife with you.

Adam and Eve

What better love story is there than the first one – Adam and Eve? Eve complained to the Lord that she was lonely in the Garden of Eden. So, the Lord took pity on her and created man but with a warning: Adam, as the first man was soon called, will cheat, lie and be difficult although he will also like to hunt for food, protect Eve and satisfy her physical needs.

Eve was happy with the solution but she had to consent to one thing: She was to tell that Adam was made first and she second. After all, it was a secret between two women – the Lord and Eve.

Who says that funny love stories have to be all about romance? Of course not! Love, after all, is a many-splendored thing.

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