Funny Christmas Stories

By: Jasmine Montford

Funny Christmas stories spice up the holidays in the same manner that gifts add cheer to the season. You don’t even have to look far to find these funny true stories because almost every family that gathers for the Christmas season has a hilarious story to tell over and over again. Let’s take a look at a few excellent examples of how the merriest of seasons can also lead to the funniest of stories.

Gift Cards…not

Grandma decided that she was feeling generous one year. She decided to send out gift cards to her grandchildren. She put fifty dollars towards each card (she had 6 grandchildren)!!

Christmas came and went but not a single grandchild called to say thank you nor did their parents bother to call…..

Poor grandma found out that in her haste, she had only posted an empty envelope! To make matters worse…she had cleaned out her drawer just the week earlier where all the gift cards had been!!!

To top off the disaster, a couple of weeks later, she received 2 envelopes back. She had the incorrect address!!!

Grandma was the Scrooge of Christmas albeit by an honest mistake.

The Twins’ Happiness

Yet another of the funny Christmas stories that also reflect our individual differences in attitude when it comes to gifts. A family had two twin boys, one an eternal optimist and another was a gloomy pessimist. Their father decided to test their attitude on Christmas.

In the pessimist’s room, he loaded it with just about every conceivable toys and games he can afford. When he passed by, he saw his son bitterly crying and asked why. The boy replied, “All of these things will be broken and I have to read all their instructions before I can play with them.”

In the optimist’s room, he placed a pile of horse manure. When he passed by his room, he saw the boy was jumping happily and so he asked why. The boy said, “There has to be a beautiful pony hidden in the room!”

And that is why when reading funny true stories including funny Christmas stories, you may also want to stock up on the tissues.

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