Funky & multi colored bomboniere boxes

By: Henry Giovani

Bomboniere boxes are small trinket gift boxes that are given to the guests attending a wedding ceremony or any other celebration. The tradition to give out gifts in a wedding started with the European Aristocrats. Since this was a practice made by only the royal families Bomboniere boxes were considered to be a showcase for wealth. Usually in those days Bomboniere boxes were made of porcelain, crystal or gemstones and they contained sugar cubes as gifts for the guests at the wedding. These trinket boxes were small enough for guests to carry but decorated with expensive material and gemstones to showcase wealth of the royal families.

Eventually when sugar prices decreased it was no longer the showcase of the riches, therefore the contents of Bomboniere boxes were replaced by Jordanian almonds. These were termed as confetti and they soon converted to white sugared almonds in trinket boxes. All of these boxes were made to look attractive with colorful ribbons, gemstones and painted porcelain. Usually they were hand painted with beautiful colors and creative designs.

As the times evolved families with modest means started to adopt the practice of giving out Bomboniere boxes on weddings. This tradition carried on to other celebrations that includes engagements, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, and christenings and also on the birth of baby boys or girls. The Bomboniere boxes also changed according to different occasions and their contents started becoming varied.

The shapes of boxes can be chosen according to the occasion. For example graduation hat Bomboniere boxes for a graduation party. The contents of these boxes can vary according to your choice. Some people tend to choose colorful candy and mints to include in these boxes.

Since customers have become a lot more aware of their choices, the vendors and designers of Bomboniere boxes have a huge collection of ideas and designs to choose from. With Internet being easily available, many vendors have launched fully workable websites. These websites have a large collection of Bomboniere boxes to choose from. Customers can browse by types or occasions and choose their favorites. Some e-commerce websites also provide personalized consultation and advice on live chat with the designers.

Bomboniere boxes also come in various types. To keep it in modest budgets people have come up with convenient cardboard boxes. These can be bought in different colors, patterns or printed designs. The designs are available in loud and funky colors and also in elegant, simple patterns. Some common designs include polka dots, stripes, flowers, leaves and balloons.

Solid colors of the Bomboniere boxes can be ordered and customized. Popular colors include white, beige, red, black, silver, gold, pink and blue. Solid colored Bomboniere boxes are usually accompanied by multi colored ribbons to make them attractive and unique. The ribbons can be used according to the theme of the event.

There is also a fashion of getting customized ribbons, which have either a greeting or name initials printed on them. A lot of the couples like to include personalized messages on cards attached to their Bomboniere boxes.

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