Fundraising Ideas Don't Have To Be Boring

By: Jessica Deets

Whether you need to raise money for a school, church, nonprofit group or a youth sports organization, there are plenty of opportunities available. Fundraising should be a fun and rewarding prospect. If the products are good and the cause even better, any effort should be successful. This is especially so if the people involved are passionate.

No matter the reason for the fundraising effort, products sold generally will play a huge role in the success of the drive. Simple, useful, affordable and fun are always good choices. Just think about the success of the Girl Scouts' cookie drives.

With this in mind, here are some different fundraising ideas. Remember though, that not all fundraising has to involve product sales. Other ideas can include sports tournaments, dances, benefit dinners, concerts, plays and so on. If selling a product is your choice, here are some great ways to go:
* Candy. Almost everyone loves candy. Generally quite affordable by almost any one, this drive will require dedication. Since the prices aren't high, volumes need to be. But, keep in mind since the prices are affordable, the potential sales audience is that much bigger.
* Cookies. The Girl Scouts have a corner on the market with their specialty brands most people drool over, but there are other cookies going. Consider doing this type of sale on the Girl Scout off-season. The advantages here are the same as with candy although the product may cost a little more; the appeal is high.
* Candles. These will have a limited market and a higher price, but they do go over well as gift items and with those looking to decorate. The net profits per item sold will be higher and in some areas these go over better than even candy and cookies.
* Gift wrap, cards, holiday items. Most people need these and lots hate shopping for them. If the timing is right, this can be a great sale.
* Entertainment books, magazines and so on. Depending on the market, these can work very well, too. Just remember, the prices can be a lot higher than a candy bar, so don't expect every door knocked on to be a sale.
* Toys, books. These are great at holiday times and for those with areas that have a lot of small children. These fundraisers net a fair amount per sale, but not every house will be interested.
* Pizza dough, other foodstuffs. These can be very fun fundraisers if your little (or big) salespeople have a good attitude. The simplicity is great, the prices are generally reasonable and people love them.

Fundraising is a big deal for small groups, sports organizations and schools. Extra money is almost always needed to accomplish projects, take trips or attend games. To make sure sales are successful, choose something that appeals to your sales force (big or small) and a product you think will go over well in the area you're selling in.

Just remember to have fun with the project. The more fun involved and the greater the incentives, the more likely you are to reach your fundraising goal.

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