Fundraising For Real Success

By: Chris Robertson

Fundraising should be designed by professionals who understand and know how to reach the largest number of people in order to bring in the most money. When designing a fundraising campaign you really have to be mindful of the emotional element involved in it. It needs to make an emotional statement but it also needs to be stated in a way that contributors understand where and how the finances are being used.

Before the electronic age fundraising was often a time consuming and expensive task. Fundraisers were limited to only as far as two legs of a voice could reach. Now, because the Internet has become such an integral part of society, fundraising campaigns can reach millions of more people with just a click of a mouse. The Internet has reduced the cost of a fundraising campaign while being able to connect with a much larger demographic.

A well-designed campaign can bring in thousands of dollars daily. There are many different types of fundraisers but the most popular types are for school activities such as field trips, sports uniforms, or specialized projects that are outside the schools budget. Private projects such as little league baseball teams often use fundraisers for equipment and uniform needs. Hundreds of charities use specialized fundraisers to bring in donations for their causes. Individuals who have fallen victim to illnesses or hard times will use a fundraiser to help them get back on their feet. If there is a need there is a fundraiser that can meet that need. The stigma and shame has been removed from individuals who call on the help of a fundraiser; people most generally want to give and be helpful and having a fundraiser for a friend or family member is certainly an excellent way to give them the help they need.

Certainly, a profitable fundraising campaign needs to be well defined so that the public understands exactly how the funds are going to be used. One just doesn't have a fundraiser for unethical purposes and that is why it is very important to use a professional when beginning a campaign. Money is tight for everybody these days and if you expect people to donate to a cause it is vitally important to give them detailed information about the cause, who is in charge of it, how the money is being spent, and the desired outcome of the campaign. There should always be a legitimate need that is well stated along with pictures to help elicit an emotional response.

Fundraising has been elevated to a much higher level with the potential of reaching millions of people worldwide is providing very successful campaigns to reach their goals more efficiently and more quickly than ever before. Weather your organization needs funds for uniforms or you are trying to raise money for a worthy charity, it is always in your best interest to construct a fundraising campaign with the professionals who are experienced in knowing how to reach the largest number of people possible. The days of bake sales and carwashes to raise money for your event, club, or cause is in the past; you can reach an unlimited number of people for less than half the effort and expense by using a professional fundraising team to get your message heard.

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