Fundamentals of a Router and How to Issue a Parental Control

By: Janice Thompson

A router is device that is installed to direct the flow of internet connectivity and further maintain stability in the connectivity flow. A router is basically used in a place that requires multiple systems to be aligned with single network. Like in an organization all the systems that are working are required to be connected in the single network, this distribution of the networking flow is done by means of setting up a router. The router basically interprets the data transmission and delivers it to the systems that require it. However, a router is not like the modem that directly connects to the internet, for a router one is required to align the network connectivity port to the router.
Simple means of setting up a router is to direct the internet connectivity from the server to the router. The router will automatically detect the systems in the network and start distributing a stable flow of connectivity to the systems. By means of doing this the systems will start detecting the connectivity and signals from the router. One of the advantages of installing a router is that, if the router is having wireless connectivity or Wi-Fi connectivity, one is able to align Wi-Fi enabled devices like printers, scanners and even computers and laptops having Wi-Fi connectivity with the router. This is very helpful as the individuals are able to stay connected from anywhere, within the range of connectivity of router.
In the present market there are several types of routers available. Each of these devices is having specific features and applications. Among such popular types of router there are the 2G and 3G connectivity offering routers. Basically the 2G and 3G terms are the band support, which directly denotes the wavelength of the internet connectivity. Among such, a 2G connectivity offering router is mostly used as the 2G band is prevalent for a considerable amount of time. However, the 2G band connectivity offers slower connectivity to the internet. This is often unappreciated by the people as a result of the slow and monotonous surfing speed.
The newest among such bandwidth support and connectivity is the 3G connectivity, which offers superior and faster means of internet connectivity. As a result of being the best and sole provider of faster internet connectivity this bandwidth connectivity and support is mostly used by the people. This further directs that in order to obtain this connectivity one is required to have a 3G Router. This sort of router is different as it is capable of supporting higher bandwidth connectivity. As the frequency and bandwidth connectivity is differing in 3G, it requires specific supporting router.
Apart from this with a router an individual is capable of configuring the sort of websites they like to access. This can be done by configuring the application present in the router. This is very beneficial for the parents, as they are able to access the Router Parental Controls present in the device. Issuing the parental control will automatically prevent the children from trying to visit the restricted websites. Once issued the router will automatically block the websites and contents, and prevent anyone from accessing.

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