Fundamentals of Computer Networking Network Support and Network Monitoring

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Running a network of any size requires some type of monitoring and maintenance. Either your run a big network with a large staff, or you outsource your network to professionals. Regardless of you spending time in the administration of the network or accessing computer to check email, the performance of the network is critical. Reliability of your network can mean effective productivity or lack their off can mean paralyzing inefficiency. In todayís market place your Network is your sales force and your back office, you can not afford to have downtime. No that I have brought to the surface the importance of your network, what are you going to do you manage and monitor it. Network monitoring solutions would be a blessing in disguise when under conditions of infrastructural crises, non-functioning of the systems, security loophole breach to be plugged or even when there is need to access inventory and date reports. Learn more about this topic at This is the reason why network motoring has become a rage at corporate workplace and the very reason why network monitoring are investing huge sums into this. What is a network monitoring system? How does it differ from the numerous engineers and technicians already employed? Isnít an automated network monitoring system a redundancy? Arenít professional better trained and equipped to handle to strange unexpected downtime then a program or a system? These are the issues that come up when network monitoring crops up. An effective network monitoring system is the solution to all of them. A network monitoring system is a program that guarantees continuous efficient, effective and reliable functioning of a critical resource like your network infrastructure. Some systems can either be hosted or installed locally. This system keeps track of all the network inventory information, keeps a watch over the use of the network resources, is adept at quickly determining connectivity and cross connectivity across the network, invigilates the uptime and reliable availability of shared network resources and even tracks and informs about history of pattern of use and thereby deduce outage information. It is fully automated and an effective way to monitor network infrastructure. Nevertheless, it is not meant to replace your engineers and technicians. On the contrary, you can use this as an addition tool to comprehend your networks more effectively so as to provide apt service. The role of the engineers changes and becomes more of manager rather then a fireman. The best part is that a majority of network monitoring systems today are geared for flawless integration. You may not be in front of your computer, you may be out of office or even country, even then you will receive real time messages regarding the status of your network through the network monitoring system. You can access a website wher all the reports are hosted for your use and action or even better receive an SMS on you mobile phone updating you. This equips you with information to act on immediately and provide your customers the value for money they expect and deserve.

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