Fun And Easy Games For Your Next Baby Shower

By: Dana Hall

Other than these baby shower games you can have games where both the mother and the father get to have fun. One such baby shower game that you guests might have fun with is where the couples (this is a baby shower where both the husband and wife are invited) get to make a baby. For this type of baby shower game you will need to supply lots of Play-Doh for the fun loving couples to make their baby.

As the gifts are opened, the guests mark off the items on their pages. The first one to get a "bingo" wins a prize. This is one of the longer baby shower games to play but it is a fun activity that will keep everyone occupied. You can also opt to have more than one winner for this activity.

A Popular Hostess

Another popular game is the baby shower unscramble game. The shower hostess prepares in advance twenty baby names then scrabbles them. For example, blue 'lube'. Then the guests have to spend the shortest time possible to say the correct word.

As usual, the winner wins something. It is always a good idea to have reward games. This way the guests have something interesting to look forward to. Make sure you find out on the various games available before you decide. They bring joy to the room and the baby to come is well celebrated. It is a good experience to engage in fun games for one reduces their stress levels. The parents to be cannot be happier. Baby shower games are an invaluable way to share with friends.

One favorite printable baby shower game is "How Well Do You Know the Future Mommy?" This game allows the guests at the baby shower to guess which features the future mother would like her baby to get from which parent. In order to play this game, it will be necessary to print off a chart with two columns: one for the mommy and one for the daddy. Each row should be a different characteristic: hair, legs, nose, mouth, intelligence, and humor.

Instant Perfection

Before the game starts, place the small baby items on a tray. You can use items such as a bottle, pacifier, baby sock, safety pin, baby's brush, baby oil, etc. To start the game, bring the tray into the room and place it where everyone can see it. Leave it out for one minute, and tell the guests to memorize the items that are on the tray. Then remove the tray from the room and give the guests five minutes to write down all of the items they remember. The guest with the most correct answers wins.

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