From darkness unto HID lights

By: Vikram Kuamr

Being outdoors on the job or in the open, camping or on an adventure trip is a tough job and needs you to be hardy and strong. In addition to the grit and grime that you have you go through, you will need equipment that is strong and reliable as well. The worst thing that could happen is to be stranded in mire with no suitable equipment and no means for calling for assistance. It is important to be well prepared and well equipped when you are out in the open. There are certain pieces of equipment that are a must for your recovery kit. A winch anchor is one of them.

Full control
The winch is a very handy and necessary tool that can either be fixed permanently on your vehicle or be a portable/ detachable one. The ground/ winch anchor can be used in sand, mud, gravel or soil. No recovery kit is complete without it. This winch minimizes dangerous situations by getting you over as well as up hill stalls. This, even if there is no one around to help you. It gives you full control of any untoward situation that you might face. There are a number of winches available and you have to pick one that suits your specific needs.

Be prepared
Winches can be attached to buggies, trucks, 4WD SUVís, jeeps, campers and hummers. They are the ideal choice for search and rescue operations, rural maintenance vehicles, utility services, police vehicles and construction surveyors.

Under normal circumstances you need to have an anchor like a tree, rock or any other strong vehicle or surface to hook it on to. However, in situations where there is no other vehicle or tree available, a winch that has a plough can be put to good use. It has a hefty plough-style blade that can be set firmly into clay, snow, hardpan soil or sand.

A powerful reach
Apart from strong winch attachments another must-have on your multi-terrain vehicle are HID lights or High Intensity Discharge lights. As the name suggests, these lights provide illumination that is far greater than any powerful halogen lamps that are sold as heavy vehicle accessories. It is a technology that works on an electrical charge. This electrical charge ignites the xenon gas that is sealed inside a bulb and the resultant light that it emits is super-powerful and has a very long reach.

Xenon- shine on
These HID lights do not have filaments. The light is created by the ignition of an electrical discharge between the 2 electrodes that are held within a miniature, airtight quartz capsule that is filled with xenon gas. This high-performance lighting is also known as xenon lighting. HID lighting uses less energy than a standard halogen bulb and produces more light. It lasts 10X longer than a traditional halogen bulb and the light quality is akin to natural daylight thus making these lights a preferred choice for automotive application. Always buy the best recovery equipment as it could mean the difference between life and death.

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