From costumes to wetsuits, new uses being found for “old” product, plasti dip

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Though it has been around since 1972, the nation’s love affair with plasti dip has expanded with new uses being found for this “rubber” coating, which is really a styrene. From making realistic costumes, to fixing door hinges and literally creating cars of another color, there are very few things plasti dip is not suited for. While it does adhere to itself, plasti dip, when combined with neoprene, makes the rubber on a wetsuit expand more. And, it will separate quickly when sprayed into a wetsuit. Though it may not be the best at treating a latex allergy, this styrene still has can be applied in many other applications.

What is styrene?
If plasti dip is a styrene, some may be asking what a styrene is. A styrene is a liquid hydrocarbon from which polystyrene foam is made. How was styrene discovered? In the 19th century, it was derived from the storax balsam, which comes from a tree known as an Oriental sweet gum tree. When heated this hydrocarbon when heated polymerizes and is used to make the coating used in buoys, hamburger boxes, coffee cups and other food products. And why styrene is not directly polystyrene, heated it can be developed into foam.
Why is it important if plasti dip is a styrene? This is important because it may indicate what materials plasti dip will not bond to, such as neoprene. It may also indicate what products this plastic in a can may bond to and create a new look for do-it-yourself projects.
Polycarbonate sheet gets color makeover
Did you know that plasti dip can be used to coat any polycarbonate sheet in a multitude of various neon colors, metallic finishes and steel gray. This gives the polycarbonate sheet extra durability and also can be used as a sealant for a skylight, as material for a greenhouse and also be used in the design of high-tech robots. Stronger than glass, a polycarbonate sheet is stronger than glass, with an impact strength 40 times greater, is a good insulator, and can still let in sunlight.
This is why any polycarbonate sheet can be combined with old technology to create a new, brilliant do-it-yourself solution to any old decorating problems. And since this plastic in a can be easily removed, it does not hurt to apply it in new DIY applications.

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