From The Ground Up Build A Garage

By: B.Harold

First step to creating a custom built garage is to plan out what you want to do. There are many components you need to build a garage so you are going to want to have a good plan before you get started. Make sure to take accurate measurements before you get started. Also figure out how much it will cost to build a garage and plan your materials ahead of time so that you do not find yourself half way through the project realizing you can not complete it.

Build A Garage With A Step By Step Plan

Consider the where and how big your garage will be, as the first step in your design. The size of the garage door will be a vital part of that decision. Because you are going to have a custom garage plan, it is easier to construct the garage around the door, then trying to squeeze it in the plan later. Next, find some local garage door stores and research what they have to offer.

Your custom plan should come together much easier by starting with the garage door. Your cars determine the height and width of your garage door. Once you have your garage door measurements, you are probably going to add some side room of at least a foot on either side. In addition, you will need to add a minimum of a foot on top for headroom and at least 18 inches past the height of the door for proper operation. Your basic outline for how to build a garage is complete.

After that you can really start to get into your custom built garage. Next steps will include picking out the floor, with a design if you want, as well as cabinetry and wall hangs. Each of these components has their own unique qualities and features, so do some research before you buy. I recommend looking at going with as much metal as you can as opposed to wood. Wood has a tendency to rot in water, and garages, no matter how well built, have a tendency to be wet.

In building a garage, it is important to decide on the colors and other options for the floor, walls and doors. I propose finding a theme and sticking to it. Modeling your garage after your favorite sports or race team seems to be a popular trend these days. This will focus your design while giving you a much defined color scheme.

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