From Smoke to Digital Signals: Communication Through the Ages

By: mjb

During the prehistoric age, when people still lived in caves, they used to communicate to their neighbors using smoke signals. When they moved away from the caves and began to build houses and live in villages, they built beacons on the top of the nearest hill so they could communicate to the next village to request for their stuffs such as tiger skin rugs. They needed ways to communicate to survive and they look for people who can provide this. Local villagers throw sticks on fire and get the needed stuffs under the control of their tribal leaders. This is a picture of a call center during the ancient times. The first call centers were created when people in the Stone Age began to live together, and the first call center agents where the villagers themselves. The tribal leaders were the supervisors who saw to it that both his staff and the villagers needs are well taken cared of.

Now, all over the world, call center buildings and establishments sprouted like mushrooms. According to, a call center is is a centralized office used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. It is often operated through an extensive open workspace for call center agents, they are the individuals who make or answer phone calls each day. Their work stations include a computer for each agent, a telephone set/headset, and one or more supervisor stations.

Call center agents are becoming increasingly important in the call center setting. They act as a contact point between the customer and the company. They can be regarded as the builders of the company's image. Outbound call center agents have the difficult task of gathering valuable research information. Due to the importance of these agents, they should have certain competencies to perform their duties sufficiently.

Call center agents main goal is to make their customers happy and satisfied. Customer satisfaction is of great importance to any business especially in a customer service environment. But how can we define and measure customer's satisfaction? Customer satisfaction is the degree of happiness a customer experiences with a company’s product or service and which results from the interaction and interrelationship of all people within that company. It is the feeling of pleasure after comparing the perceived performance in relation to what was expected. When the call center meets the customer’s expectations, the customer will be satisfied.

However, satisfaction should not only be established on the customers alone, it should also be shown to the call center agents. Call center agents should also be considered as customers themselves because their satisfaction is vital to the success of the company. Call center agents will treat their customers in exactly how fairly they were treated by their own organization. Because the attitude and stress levels of the call center agents will most likely have a direct effect on the cost and quality of service the customers receive or the quality of information gathered, employers should invest in keeping agents happy. For this reason, it is imperative to develop the potential of call center agents and to trust them to become “customer intelligent.”

Skilled call center agents expect more than just financial compensation from their employers. Call center agents, like customers, wants emotional involvement. Times are changing and workers are also looking for more support from their respective employers. To ensure that agents are happy, the employers must see through the agents' emotional and other needs. Research have shown that if competent call center agents are appointed, company profit will be higher.

Bottom line is, ensuring customers satisfaction leads to a loyal customer base which can increase sales and profits for the company. On the other hand, satisfaction should also be reciprocated to its call center agents. It should be a two-way process. As the call center agents influence the behavior of the customers, the customers influence the behavior of the agent. When these actions are exercised and followed, then expect the best call center company, and if not, employers should research more on the lives of villagers and tribal leaders of the Stone Ages!

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