Fresh Pure Cream Is Used In Many Ways For Cooking

By: Harri Piper

Fresh Pure Cream Is Used In Many Ways For Cooking

The dairy products are used all over the world because of their nutritional values. To get these products pure milk is the primary requirement. Fresh pure cream is one of the milk by products that is derived directly from milk. Certain percentage of cream is present in milk that is known as fat in it. Milk of cows and buffaloes are mainly used and with the help of separators the cream is extracted from it at a large scale. Usually at homes people get cream after boiling the milk then wait till it gets cool and cream accumulates on the top of surface. It is used in many ways and in many dishes in all the regions of the world. The best of the nutritional values of the milk is found in its cream.

The cream at commercial level is also extracted to sell it in the local and international markets. The grading of cream is done on the basis of the fats it contains. Grading is also helpful in determining its usage for a number of purposes. Either in the sweet dishes or in main course dishes it is used to give a rich taste that appeals the diners. The people like the dishes because they are healthy and of great taste. The ingredients of a dish are to make it delicious and palatable. Different methods are applied to get cream out of milk and their efficiency also varies.

Gravity method was used to get this by product of milk on the commercial level but it was very time consuming so the alternative methods were preferred. In this method the milk is let static for long hours and the cream get accumulated on the top due to difference in the gravitational force applied to it. The rest of the components are settled down to give rise to the cream. In old times this method was commonly used to get cream in huge quantity. With the time new methods are introduced that involve the usage of machinery and modern technology.

Centrifugal method is now applied at industrial level for extraction of cream from milk of different mammals. With this method the better cream is taken out that consequently make the quality of skimmed milk better as well. The use of machinery helps the people to get this work done more efficiently. This product of milk is directly used other than its use in numerous dishes. Cream is also used to get other products such as butter and ghee. The usage of this ingredient is to provide oil in the cooking and also to enhance the taste. The cream is kept fresh and usable for a longer period by mixing some chemicals in it. But even then it needs to be kept in a cool and dry place.

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