Free Yourself From Personal Debt With Obama's Government Grants Program

By: Lindsy Emery

Billions are set aside every year by our government to fund grants, yet the idea that some Washington official is going to write out a check to John Q. Public is greatly exaggerated. States, cities, and private organizations are awarded these government grants to provide assistance programs in the areas of mortgages, credit counseling, higher education, medical bills, and social services. The government also provides funding for farms, ranches, and small businesses.
Just because the government doesn't have a grant designed specifically to pay off credit card bills and unsecured loans doesn't mean that debt relief cannot be had from government grants. Resourceful thinking is required. For instance, a small business grant might be large enough to pay off credit card debt while simultaneously starting a new business venture. Right now the government is prepared to give farmers $200,000 and new small businesses $500,000. Our government is even willing to give businesses $300,000 to help them obtain government contracts ($500,000 if the company is minority owned). And, let's not forget the $3,000,000 in venture capital that Uncle Sam is handing out. The possibilities are endless.
Even grant funded public programs can work in your favor. Home owners can roll over their debt into their mortgages. Either the home owner gets a tax write off on their debt or they can receive mortgage assistance to prevent foreclosures, as prescribed by another government grant. This very same government is even willing to hand out $7,000 for home repairs (Rural Housing Repair Loans and Grants).
Medical bills can be erased. The government funds a variety of programs that will pay off all of your health care bills if you are unable to pay them yourself. These grant funded programs can be accessed through family services, health departments, and even through hospitals.
Check out the government grant web site regularly. The available opportunities might surprise you. Somewhere in those lists is your very own "get out of debt free card."

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