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By: James DeSantis

Finding keywords that will put money in the bank can be a frustrating exercise. Finding profitable keywords is the holy grail in Internet Marketing because, if you know exactly what people are looking for, you know exactly what to provide so you make money in the process. Here is how to find profitable keywords and how to use them.

First, make no mistake, there are tons of products you can buy and some for free that will help you find profitable keywords. It can be mind boggling. I've looked at most of them and, frankly, as a newbie I got lost fast. The instructions are mostly written for folks who already understand Internet marketing and know the value of a good keyword finder tool. For the rest of us, well, it seems like a second language.

Because of the technical nature of finding keywords, I applied my rule of "look free before I buy" when I looked at any system. At the very least, the offering must have a strong money back guarantee and the seller must have contact information and be willing to answer questions before I jump in. You see, many times you will be dealing with a reseller and not with the actual creator of the system. Resellers rarely can answer specific questions. You want to avoid resellers, if they can't help you.

Now that you understand what to look for, let me suggest a piece of software that really delivers and has superb newbie support. It's Micro Niche Finder and offers a "free look" in the form of 5 free videos that show how profitable keywords can be applied to make money. I use it extensively. In fact, before I write articles I do my research with Micro Niche Finder.

The nice thing about the free videos is that each one gives a different way for making money with keywords in niches that have hungry buyers. These are not casual surfers. They are folks that have a specific need and they are seeking a specific solution that you could provide simply by finding or creating a product that meets their need. There are places like Clickbank that have thousands of products you can affiliate with and sell to just about any hungry market.

I find keywords for a hungry market, find a product to sell, write articles around the keywords, submit the articles to directories with a link to the product in the Author Box and make money. It's really a simple system and it's only one way to use Micro Niche Finder to make money.

By the way, writing articles is easier than you might think. There is a great free tool online that I use that creates articles instantly. All you do is a little editing and you're good to go. Plus, I use another great software tool to submit my articles to over 300 directories in less than 30-seconds each. Email me for the links.

Making money online takes the right tools and these tools are available if you do some research. The best tools cost a few bucks while others are free but, for sure, you need Internet marketing tools to succeed. Micro Niche Finder is one of those tools. The videos are free so, at the very least, you'll get some great ideas about Internet marketing even if you don't get the software.

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Jim DeSantis is a retired TV journalist who now blogs for fun and profit. Get the free Micro Niche Finder videos at . Questions? email Jim at

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