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By: Pat Patrickson

Many of us would like to have an additional income, especially in trying times like these. On the internet there are many websites promising you a wonderful income for a few hours of work every day. Unfortunately, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Some websites require a registration fee before you are eligible to complete surveys. Why would you need to pay someone before you are allowed to work? The only logical explanation is that you will not be dealing with these people after registration, so the registration fee is the only chance to make money off you. If that is the case, you are simply paying for information that you could have acquired yourself.

There are also many websites offering free participation in online surveys. However, many of them, although promising paid survey offers, only send you alternative offers. Upon completing the survey, your details are entered into a competition draw. You have no idea how many others are competing for the same prize, or what the chances are of being rewarded for your efforts.

Another disadvantage is the fact that many of these companies do not have regular survey opportunities available. New surveys are only available once every few months, meaning you have to work for a number of companies to compile a reasonable income. This means that you are eventually left with a number of small checks from different companies, and it becomes difficult to keep track of everything.

Doing online surveys will, in most cases, not be a highly profitable venture. However, if you do decide to take the time to find a few good companies to work for, you may have a nice sideline income. If you happen to have some specialist knowledge, you may qualify for higher paying surveys and discussion groups. However, if you do possess knowledge of such a nature, you will more than likely be able to put your knowledge to better use.

At the end of the day, it's a question of effort versus reward. How much is your time worth to you? Will it be worth spending all the time to find companies you can work for, and then wait until you get a check someday? Your decision will depend on your own expectations.

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