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By: Ethan Hunter

As soon as you start to browse the Internet, you are risking attacks not only from virus, but also from those creepy malware, and you start to have the immediate effect. Your PC slows down, and your monitor screen suddenly turns blue. There could be other effects too. Your firewall could have been tampered with, and it could be sending out strange traffic. The virus with your email could be hacking your computer with your personal information being siphoned off by some people somewhere in the net.

Virus or worms, as they are sometimes called, may take over your PC and start mass mailing to all the addresses you have in your address book. If you are within a large corporate network, the virus can also initiate a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack to disrupt your network operation. Several web-based free PC scan utilities are available on the Internet which can detect various kinds of Internet security threats in your computer, including viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware.

Free PC scan is an online free tool which is designed to scan your computer for any malware or virus that may be slowing down your PC. It scans for wide range of Internet threats which include known viruses, and spyware programs. Free PC scan is a web-based tool which also detects any vulnerability in your system, and provides you with links to web addresses from where you can download the security patches which are missing. Generally these tools provide you with a report, detailing out the security threats that have been found in your PC.

You must be cautious in choosing free PC scan web tool. You need to choose the one which is authentic and genuine. There are several of these around which are dangerous for your system. Viruses are intentionally fed into your system as you start scanning with some of these tools. At the end of the scan, it comes up with a report which shows a huge quantity of virus that are supposed to have been detected in your computer. There-after, for removal of these viruses they ask you to purchase the anti-virus software from them. The pop-up endlessly comes up no matter what you do.

There are various kinds of indications when your system gets attacked by virus or spyware. At first, your system may get slow and later hang. A tool bar may appear with your browser, one you have never seen before. The browser would automatically take you to a different website than the one you wanted to browse, and more specifically, if you find that you are not being able to run Windows programs like "Msconfig", or REGEDIT, it is almost certain you have virus in your system. You can search for free PC scan utilities on the Internet, and one of these web-based tools can help you detect the virus and the malicious software in your computer.

The best way to choose free PC scan is to look for user reviews on the Internet and go through the various observations made by actual users. This may help you select a web-based free scanning tool that is right for you. Virus attacks could permanently damage your computer. You may have to re-format your hard disk and lose all your data. Malicious software may change your browser and firewall settings, and you may be losing your personal information from your PC which may be utilized by a hacker. You would get continuous pop-up advertisements because of adware coming into your system, and for all these, free PC scan web-based utility can help you in detecting such threats.

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