Free PC Games You Should Download Right Now!

By: Soniya

In a world where consoles can cost upwards of $500 and games can cost at least $60, our wallets are aching! Are you looking for fresh games to hold your attention without spending an arm and a leg? PC Gaming carries the stigma of requiring expensive graphics cards and equipment, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out our list of the best free PC gaming opportunities on the web. Online gaming with PC games has never been this easy!

Planetside 2

If you love shoot-em-up style console games, then free PC games like Planetside 2 are for you! Online gaming just got really exciting as entire continents duke it out with tanks, and hordes of infantry! PC games like Planetside 2 have a tendency to carry an ‘all shooter games are the same’ stereotype, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. As a unique online gaming experience, Planetside 2 can’t be beat!


Forget paying monthly for MMORPG online gaming. Runescape is one of a few free PC games with a massive player base and a huge world to explore. Online gaming for free doesn’t get much better than Runescape’s ton of mini-games and quests. You decide how to adventure in MMORPG PC games like this one!

League of Legends

If you love MOBA or RTS games, the League of Legends online gaming experience is for you! Free PC games like League of Legends provide the look and feel of a paid RTS (think StarCraft), without the cost! What could be better than that? Inspired by the original Dota, League of Legends is easier and more accessible. With more than 12 million players online every day, online gaming has never been easier. While it can be difficult to find matches in other free PC game, you won’t have that problem with League of Legends.

Jagged Alliance Online

One of the best turn-based, free PC games out there, Jagged Alliance is sure to quell your thirst for online gaming. While it is a shooter game, it is different than most first-person shooters in that it is turn-based and strategic. With over 100 single-player missions, Jagged Alliance Online will keep you busy online gaming for days!

Stronghold Kingdoms

Free PC games that let you build and maintain your own kingdom? Bring it on! Online gaming just became a quest to rule the world with Stronghold Kingdoms. Completely free to play, Stronghold Kingdoms is an amazing SIM-style kingdom where you manage buildings, troops and resources. Conquering your neighboring players is the real challenge, in which you decide whether to join them under one banner or fight them for the ability to rule the kingdom!

As you can see, free PC games are everywhere! Online gaming doesn’t have to be expensive or wallet damaging. PC games can be free and we have given you the perfect list to start you off in your quest for free online gaming! Good luck!

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