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By: Sue McLaughlin

A "must have" for every business are lead generation solutions. However, they are also one of the largest expenses. If a business can find free lead generation techniques that work, money can be freed up for other purposes.

No business can exist without a reasonable lead generation solution. All businesses, whether they are small or large, online or offline, home-based or brick-and-mortar require a steady stream of good prospects investigating what they have to offer. However, as most business owners can attest, business leads can be expensive and often they aren't worth the expense in resulting sales.

Traditional training for home-based business owners used to include purchasing leads for email, voice broadcasting and cold-calling campaigns. This isn't nearly as workable a solution anymore. As with everything else on the internet, times change. The techniques used to generate these leads is often suspect and unknown to the buyer which results in incorrect information and very irritated prospects.

Even the supposedly targeted leads usually have incorrect information in a percentage of the leads, making the use of them frustrating at best. In addition, depending on the amount of work involved in collecting the data and the perceived value of the potential customer, these targeted leads can be very expensive to purchase.

Most businesses are always looking for better lead generation solutions. I don't think that anyone can argue with the fact that self generated leads are the most effective. However, few online (or offline) businesses feel comfortable with their skill level in creating the volume of leads they need to ensure continued success.

What do business need to find to solve this problem? They need to be trained on methods of creating targeted prospects that want a product at least similar to what the business is offering. This statement seems pretty obvious but the how is like the "million dollar question"! And, what about creating a free lead generation source as well!

Once a business has decided to create their own leads they need to get trained. There is a mountain of information on all of the techniques available such as ezine marketing, press releases, articles, magazines, social networking, blogging, classifieds, forums, pay-per-click. In fact there is so much information it can be overwhelming. The business has two options.

First they can decide which technique to start with (which in and of itself can be difficult) and purchase information on that. Then, go to the next and so on. This is both time consuming, expensive and confusing. Secondly, they can get involved with a program that teaches all of the techniques (or most of them) ... both the "tried and true" and the newer ones.

The ideal program would span all techniques from free lead generation to more expensive, from traditional to new web 2.0 and would be updated on a regular basis to keep it fresh and workable. Delivery methods would include audio, video and ebooks so that every body could learn easily and go over it as often as necessary. The trainer should also be someone who knows what they are talking about and can demonstrate it.

So, the best approach for any business whether they be a brick-and-mortar or online home-based business, is to create their own lead generation solutions, including both free and paid methods, to gather targeted prospects that are looking for the product they have to offer. This method is the least expensive, most profitable and quickest way to build a list of interested buyers and sell a bunch of product! And the best way to..."Never Buy Another Lead".

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