Free Apple Cinnamon Ricotta Pancakes Recipe

By: Robert Thomson

If you love the taste of pancakes and have always wondered how to combine other delicious flavors to it go no further. This Free apple Cinnamon Ricotta Pancakes Recipe will show you exactly what it takes to make a great breakfast meal for your for your family or friends. This pancakes recipe is definitely a different method of putting together a usually simple breakfast idea, and that is what makes it worth your while to make it. The delicious pancakes idea will make your mouth water and is an excellent meal idea to make for whoever you invite over. Another option you can substitute for the ricotta cheese is the same amount of cottage cheese. More often this recipe is known as a Ricotta cheese recipe than a Cottage cheese recipe. Recommended apple variety here is a Granny Smith apple. Granny Smith apples are light green in color. They are crisp, juicy, tart apples which are a great apple to use in many circumstances. They are slow to discolor when cut and do not brown as quickly as other varieties. It also tends to have a harder texture than other green apples. Ricotta literally means re-cooked. Ricotta is produced from whey, the liquid separated out from the curds when cheese is made. Most of the milk protein is removed when cheese is made, but some protein remains in the whey. This remaining protein can be harvested and then the whey is heated to near boiling forming a fine curd. Once cooled, the curd is separated by passing though a fine cloth. This recipe includes delicious Apple Sauce which is not exactly an ingredient you think of when making pancakes. This recipe also includes cinnamon and maple syrup which is definitely a great addition to the flavor. To find out more on this recipe and a huge collection of others visit!

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