Free Anti-Adware Software: Do They Work?

By: Sandra Stammberger

Imagine yourself surfing the internet, after a click on some advertising, out of curiosity, that has too-good-to-be-true offers your desktop screen suddenly fills with hundreds of pop-up ads and still adding some more. You may not know it, but you have downloaded a malicious program called an adware.

If you accidentally downloaded an adware, it is often very hard to remove these kinds of programs. Even the most updated anti-virus software cannot detect it. It automatically embeds a program code to your web browser automatically allowing your browser to accommodate pop-up ads appear in your computer.

With an adware installed, it will severely slow down your computer. This is because an adware and pop-up ads will use most of your computer memory. The best solution is to avoid downloading from untrusted sites from the internet.

Most adware software usually appears in your email and “underground” sites. People can download some of this adware software accidentally by offering legitimate services as a disguise, so be careful what you click or open.

Pop-up advertising with adware software in them usually has an “OK” button included in their advertising. This is because most people have become accustomed by clicking the ok button to get rid of the pop-up ad instead of clicking the close button on the right corner of the pop-up window.

To get rid of the pop-up ads, some internet browser such as Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 8 offers pop-up blockers. However, these kinds of browsers only produce temporary solution for your adware problem. They do not specifically remove the adware software installed in your computer but only eliminates the annoying pop-up ads. Doing this may expose your computer to dangerous spywares software usually integrated with adwares.

Spyware software not only gives you pop-up ads and slows down your computer, but also invades your privacy. This kind of software works by installing programs in your computer, such as the keylogger, what this does is record every button you press in your keyboard, every website you visit, and every click of your mouse then sends them to the programmer who developed the adware and spyware program.

For more protection from these kinds of programs, some companies in the internet offers free download of their software to remove adware and spyware programs. All you have to do is visit websites that offers free downloadable anti-spyware and adware software.

After downloading their free software, install it to your computer and start the scan. Usually, most free downloadable software only has limited uses; some of this software only scans your computer and displays the results of what kind of adware or spyware that is installed in your computer, once you clicked the “remove” or “delete” button, they usually direct you to their site to purchase their products.

Some offers all the services like scanning, displaying results, and removing the adware but has an expiration date for the use of the software. These are called trial versions.

After the trial period has expired, the software will not work anymore or has only limited uses like scanning and displaying the results, and it will require you to purchase the product to continue to enjoy the benefits of the software. This kind of software is only good when you want short-term results or you want the adware or spyware removed immediately.

To find a full working free adware or spyware removing software, you need to “dig deeper” in the internet. This is because of the recent growth of adware and spyware software internet, thus creating a demand for adware or spyware removal software.

Keep in mind that pop-up ads can have adware softwares integrated in them. So, always close them by clicking the close button (the “x”) in the top right corner of the window; do not click the “ok” button.

It is also wise not to open emails from people you do not know, especially emails with attachments. Remember to avoid opening “untrusted” websites. Simply opening these kinds of websites can automatically install the adware software in your computer without you knowing it.

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S. Stammberger is the editor of Easy Registry Repair. Find out how to fix your windows registry and learn everythign about spyware and adware.

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