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By: Mel Joelle

The Android market is where Android smart phone owners go when they are in search of free apps. The marketplace is where users are able to gain access to all of the top apps that are downloaded by other Android users.

The popularity of the Android phones has produced a large number of apps. There was a time when Apple had the app market covered with the iPhone. This has changed in recent years, however, because Android app developers have quickly gone into overdrive. Communities of developers are creating new apps at alarming rates. Surprisingly, many of them are free. Applications that are free have become a driving force behind the great migration to Android phones.

Consumers may like paid apps, but they absolutely love free apps. Most smart phone carriers have high costs that are associated with their initial phone costs and monthly bills. The customers do not want to pay for apps. This is why the Android apps have become so popular in such a small amount of time.

The most popular free Android apps, ironically, are similar to the free apps that are available for the iPhone. Apps like Facebook, Angry Birds, Pandora, the Weather Channel, Twitter, and Netflix are among the most popular applications in the Android world. This reason behind this is the variety. Android is not limited to free apps in one area. The free apps that are available cover games, social media, music, news, and entertainment. These applications have become popular because the need for concepts like this is universal. People everywhere – regardless of their phone type – have needs for communication and entertainment. These free apps help a large majority of people interact and communicate in a timely manner.

The marketplace is a good start for those that are new to the world of Android apps. Others may choose to simply search for sites that offer the best Android apps. There are millions of sites that make the promise to have the best lists of free Android apps. This is usually a trial and error process. Individuals may find apps that work well for them. They may find others that are not useful. Websites that compose lists, however, help users take a step in the right direction.

Lots of sites make mention of new apps or applications that have been on the market for a while but have received no buzz. Web magazines or community forums will often shine a spotlight on apps that are well-designed. Sites like this will also give the pros and cons that come with the utilization of these apps.

Developers have the ability to share apps that can be improved upon. Androids have lots of apps that are developed in open source code. These are apps that can actually be edited by users. These apps are typically acquired by users that download software to unlock their phones. When this is done Android phone owners have more control on the features and the apps that they download.

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