Four Treatments Your Clients Want from Intense Pulsed Light Equipment

By: Ryanandrew

A wonderful world of fascinating and sophisticated treatment options awaits those who add the intense pulsed light equipment of the modern era to their day spa. From the enticing laser facial to the ultra desirable wrinkle zapper, its interesting how intensely pulsed light can turn back the aging clock and truly revive skin and restore youthful luster like never before. Not to discredited formal spa treatments like the facial, the deep chemical peel or microdermabrasion. Just to say that technology truly is the innovator in the spa industry today. And with intense pulsed light equipment, you are at the very forefront of the pinnacle of this technological skincare revolution.

Tattoo Removal
An estimated 40% of all people have a tattoo on their body somewhere. An estimated half of all people who have a tattoo desire to have it removed. Chances are in favor that a good portion of clients already visiting you would be interested to learn that with intense pulsed light equipment they can have undesirable tattoos permanently removed.

Laser Hair Removal
Shaving is arduous, monotonous and time consuming. Its also costly, and can leave scars and infected hair follicles. By offering laser hair removal using intense pulsed light equipment, you can cater to a wide demographic of persons who are seeking to eradicate the tedious ritual of shaving from their daily routine.

Wrinkle Depth Reduction
Age rejuvenation is the most popular form of beauty treatments in the world today. People want to look younger. They want alternative options to invasive and painful, dangerous plastic surgery procedures. With intense pulsed light equipment, you can resuscitate the skin and visibly reduce wrinkle depth substantially in just a few treatments. Imagine how many clients would be intrigued to learn that a laser facial can stamp out crows feet and even curb raccoon eyes.

Scar Tissue Treatment
Scar tissue treatment and stretch mark treatment are going to always be very popular and high demand day spa services that clients from all walks of life will avidly seek out. From acne scars to surgery scars, stretch marks from childbirth and stretch marks from weight loss, with the proper intense pulsed light equipment in your business, you can offer groundbreaking and very effective, results-driven treatment options to your valued clientele. Imagine who they will tell about how you eliminated a scar or a stretch mark. Imagine the viral capacity of word of mouth with these revolutionary scar treatment methods.

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