Four Reasons To Use Leave-In Conditioner Every Week

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Whether you own every possible hair product under the sun or just a few items you use each week, chances are good that you’ve got a couple of favorite hair styling products that you swear by. But is leave-in conditioner one of them? Whether you consider it a styling product or just a method of getting gel moisturizer into your mane, it can be used to tame tresses as well as make your locks soft and lustrous. It’s the ultimate product for its many uses. If you don’t already have a leave-in conditioner in your beauty arsenal, here are four reasons you should pick one up as soon as possible.

1) It works as a styling product.
For those lucky ladies with curly coifs, a leave-in conditioner is one of the only styling products you’ll need for luxurious locks. Simply apply a small amount (dime- to quarter-sized depending on the length) and massage it into your hair starting at the ends, where it sustains the most damage. Work your way up until you get to the roots. Then, you can blow-dry or let your locks air dry and style as you normally would. The conditioner provides a little extra shine.

If you prefer not to use a blow dryer after you’ve applied your leave-in conditioner, women with curls or natural waves can also add a tiny amount of gel and scrunch until it’s sufficiently wavy.

2) It can prevent dandruff.
One reason for those white flakes is simply a dry scalp. If you have dandruff due to supremely dry skin, providing moisture via a leave-in conditioner is how to get rid of dandruff fast. Leave-in conditioner can also prevent dandruff by nourishing the scalp and keeping the hair follicles hydrated. (In addition, you can prevent dandruff by using your hot tools with care — keep blow dryers on low heat settings and keep them several inches away from the scalp when using them.)

3) It softens dry, frizzy hair.
You can choose to use leave-in conditioner in addition to or instead of normal conditioner in the shower, but if you find your hair is still extremely dry even after going through your normal hair care routine, you should use leave-in conditioner at least once a week if not more often. It helps to soften frizz and keep hair silky throughout the day.

4) It makes your mane look healthier.
Soft and shiny locks look and feels healthier than a frizzy, staticky ‘do, so use moisturizing hair shampoos when you’re in the shower and a dollop of leave-in conditioner once you’re out to protect your hair from heat tools and other elements. No matter how you choose to style your tresses, conditioned hair looks great and healthy.

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