Four Natural Ways To Speed Up Hair Growth

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Whether you’re growing out a shorter ‘do or just trying to get your mane long enough to go past your shoulders, the endless waiting as you grow out your hair is practically unbearable. Despite the fact that strands grow — on average — a half-inch every month, it can seemingly take eons to reach your goal if you’re looking for a longer length. Before you go searching after hair growth products with unrealistic claims, try these four natural tips that help speed up your hair’s growth.

Take Your Vitamins
Look for a women’s daily or prenatal vitamin on the shelf of your local drugstore. These vitamins typically contain folic acid, which is great for stimulating hair growth. Not only does folic acid help cells regenerate in your body, but it also encourages healthy hair growth. If you don’t want to take a vitamin capsule, you can also get your folic acid from your diet; simply choose foods such as spinach, beans and sunflower seeds, which are packed with folate.

Get Regular Trims
Obviously if you’re hitting the salon every few weeks, your mop won’t grow as quickly, but consider this: when you use hair styling products, especially hot tools such as straighteners, blow dryers and curling irons, you’re causing a lot of damage every time you use them. When your ‘do is damaged, you may find split ends in your mane, as well as coarse surface damage. Once you find split ends, there’s no way to fix them; the only solution is to trim them off. If you don’t, you may find that the split hairs continue to split further and further up the hair shaft, at which point you’ll have to cut much more off in order to undo the damage.

So while trimming your tresses won’t help them grow longer, it gives off the appearance of longer, healthier hair and prevents you from needing more drastic haircuts in the meantime. Try to get a trim every six to eight weeks for optimum hair health.

Invest In Good Shampoo
That means you need to invest in good quality, natural hair shampoos that are gentle and help to repair damage. While you can’t completely heal tresses that are fried, you can soften dry locks and smooth away snarls. In addition, good shampoos will not cause additional damage. Avoid formulas that contain chemicals such as sulfates, which are a type of detergent.

In order to keep your hair from breaking, you need to make sure it’s healthy and well taken care of. Moisturizing your mane keeps it strong, and therefore allows it to get longer faster. Whether you choose DIY home hair masks, hair moisturizer, deep conditioning treatments or moisturizing shampoos, you can help protect locks from heat damage as well as every day wear-and-tear.

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