Forum Training- What You Need to Learn

By: Mark Cohen

A multinational corporation has its own internal issues, employee conflicts, lack of team work, process management problems, lack of coordination, and so on. Though supervisors, top level executives, and CEOs can learn from management books, there is nothing like real life experiences to steer clear of organizational problems. This is where the significance of forum training comes into play.

These retreats, if organized and conducted in a professional manner are sure to help CEOs and management executives to overcome issues prevailing within departments. Management retreats give you a better business understanding and practical knowledge to build teams, improve team spirit, and coordination among employees. It also helps you improve managerial skills to make the maximum utilization of resources.

Corporate trips organized help in bringing employees of different departments close and share information. In most of the cases, such retreats are organized outside the office premises. Activities, exercises, games, and question-answer sessions are introduced to help team members know each other well. For example, if best practices are shared by any particular staff, the other participants learn how to implement those best practices in their work. In simple words, they are motivated to work with dedication and zeal. The facilitator plays a crucial role in these corporate outings. An experienced facilitator helps executives share ideas and interact with each other by including interesting activities. For instance, a topic is mentioned, and a participant is asked to talk for 5 minutes concerning the topic. When he has finished, the next person continues until everyone has communicated. This way, every member is given an opportunity to speak.

The facilitator ensures that no member is judgmental about what others are saying. This is the reason only those activities are implemented that are fun-filled, and not something too serious. It can be anything like sharing personal or professional experiences, and what one has learned from his or her experience.

Many a times, problem solving exercises, are implemented. Members are asked to solve the problem in their own way. When the activity ends, the trainer evaluates how each of the participants has approached the problem. The best 5 solutions are chosen so that they can be used later for resolving issues. These games or exercises help employees develop skills to handle complex situations at the workplace, and solve them.

Then, you will find customized forum training meant for senior executives and CEOs. In these sessions, learning programs are customized for dynamic business development. This is possible through open communication and brainstorming sessions on issues that are affecting company growth and performance.

Forums and retreats are of different types. As far as power retreat is concerned, 4-5 forums are held so that the participants can share best practices, and communicate with other professionals coming from other forums. On the other hand, mini retreats are held in the middle of any year between yearly retreats. There is no hard and fast rule that only senior executives will only participate in such retreats. Even, junior level executives can be part of it, share ideas and voice out their concerns. The ultimate objective is to enhance professional skills and share knowledge in order to avoid mistakes.

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Mark Cohen has been an organizational head for the past twenty years and he well understands the essence of forum training and management retreats to make companies grow and develop with maximum potential.

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