Forum Training: Trained Managers + Increased Productivity

By: Mark Cohen

Forum training is organized by companies to provide necessary guidance to the employees to transform them into better decision makers and problem solvers. Trained managers will always lead the team from the front and will be present with effective solutions at the time of a business crisis. Companies around the world are therefore seen organizing more of such training programs for optimum utilization of human resources, knowledge sharing, and increased productivity.

Management organizes a forum retreat to let the employees discuss crucial business issues in an informal environment. Usually a peaceful venue away from the office premises is selected for conducting the meeting. Arrangements for snacks and beverages and entertainment are made at the office expense. In these forums, peer groups are formed to discuss the current business problems and find out effective solutions of the same. Besides, the future targets and steps to success are also discussed in these meetings.

Let’s now discuss the key benefits of organizing a forum retreat.

Learning and Growing Platform – Forums act as a great learning and growing platform. People can share their professional experiences apart from picking up valuable inputs from like-minded individuals.

Freedom of Speech – Often in a conference or seminar, all the participants hardly get an opportunity to speak. In a forum, management ensures, every member gets an equal chance to share their opinions and ask questions, if any.

Development of Skills – This type of events actually leads to successful sharing of knowledge and enhancement of skills of the employees. People get to learn about the company, its vision and mission, and how they can play an important part in taking the company to newer heights.

Increase Sales – In a significant way, training events lead to increase in productivity. Participation in these programs results in finding easy to implement solutions to problems that are hindering business on a daily basis.

Through forum training, new joiners can be inspired to learn the activities quickly and improve their performance over time. Besides, professionals with leadership qualities can be motivated to become great leaders in the future.

To host a successful business event, essentially a good facilitator is needed. Majority of companies fail to have a good presenter amongst them. It is in this regard that corporate organizations are seen hiring professional facilitators to precede a business event. These people are well trained for effectively planning, implementing and managing various company programs. Facilitators are also good in generating reports post event.

A good facilitator will:

Decide on the Outcome

A facilitator will ensure everyone is well aware of the objectives behind hosting a specific meeting. Participants should also be briefed about the set of topics to be discussed.

Encourage Involvement

He will try to involve all forum members into the discussion. He will encourage the participants to speak about the problems they are facing in the workplace. Sharing the issues with like-minded people will help find instant solution of the same.

Do Behavioral Assessment

Individual styles and personality traits should be observed throughout the forum retreat. Who is willingly participating in the event and who is not should be carefully taken note of. A good facilitator can identify inconsistency within a group and helps in the moral development of the group members.

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Mark Cohen has been an organizational head for the past twenty years and he well understands the essence of forum training and forum retreat to make companies grow and develop with maximum potential.

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