Fortify Your MLM's Foundation With These 4 Fantastic Steps That Will Make Your Business Stand Forever

By: WarrenSmithMT

Foundation: (noun) - the basis or ground work of anything.

You need a strong foundation for anything that you try to build. It doesn't matter if your building a single story home or 200 story sky scraper. This is equally true if you're building an MLM business.

Although you may not believe it, your "company" is not the foundation. Your product isn't either, nor is your comp plan or your upline support or company training. Each of these add to the overall strength, but they're not the foundation.

YOU are your MLM biz's foundation. You are the rock upon which your future success is built.

Wow! Daunting, isn't it?

If a building has a weak foundation, it will fall apart from the bottom up. It will rot, fall in, tip over, crumble... basically lose all value and become worthless.

What is the "foundation otherwise known as YOU"? It's the accumulation of your knowledge and understanding that you make available to your reps. reps how to do the same.

This is what is loosely called "a system". This marketing system must be reproduceable by your team reps so they can in turn teach their own reps.

Here's the basics of what you need to build a strong foundation for your MLM business.

1. Committment. This is a no brainer. You must be committed to working at building your business. You need to have realistic expectations. Building a business in network marketing is not like playing the lottery: you won't get rich in 3 months. Make a plan, and stick to it!

2. Build a marketing plan. Again, there is no "get rich quick" scheme here. Get a coach/mentor to sit with you and work out a marketing plan that you can commit to in respect to content, time, and cost. Then stick to it! A plan is only going to work for you if you follow it.

3. Employ a marketing system. This is your lead generating sales funnel that brings leads to you, and puts prospects in your own MLM business. You want to hit your target market - which is other network marketers or people looking for a home based business. Believe it or not, more than 100,000 people per day join an MLM around the world. There is no shortage. You just have to find them, and they're ON THE INTERNET! Your system is what will give you access to them.

4. Use an SLO - Self Liquidating Offer. This is the affiliates you market that pay you for referring a customer to them. In most cases you do not have to buy their product to sign up as an affiliate marketer. These inexpensive products - usually marketing tools or education - position you as a knowledgeable marketer. You just need to know how they work. These are what will pay for your marketing system by producing income while you build your lead lists and your own MLM, ensuring that your MLM commissions stay in your pocket instead of going out to buy more advertising.

Having these foundation builders in your pocket, you are now in the position to lead your group. Believe it or not, people will not join your business because they think your opportunity is the greatest. They'll join because they think your leadership is the greatest. They want someone who can show them how to succeed, someone who can teach them what they need to do to build a huge organization upon a indestructible foundation.

And that is the kind of rep you want to sign up. You are looking for prospects who are open minded and able to learn how to use proven tools in a system that is replicatable. I would rather have 10 reps building huge downlines of hundreds and thousands of reps than hundreds of reps who sign up 3 reps each- which is all the average network marketer ever gets!

You are your business foundation, irregardless of how much help you get from your upline and company.

I urge you to introduce yourself to a system (and I seriously don't care which one), learn it thoroughly and teach it to your reps. Build your foundation -YOU- with strong tools and materials. Make your knowledge of this industry and how to effectively market absolutely bomb proof.

Or watch your MLM crumble.

Warren Smith
Get Ahead In Life Marketing Group
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