Forklift truck to load and unload heavy materials

By: Brashear Mario

Whenever there is load to be carried from one place to another, a heavy vehicle such as a truck is used to carry it. Earlier manpower would be used to load and unload the truck; however with the development of the forklift truck, the use of human beings to load and unload heavy material has considerably reduced.

An internal combustion counterbalanced forklift truck is the complete answer to all problems of loading, unloading and carrying heavy material from one place to another. This vehicle: the internal combustion counterbalanced forklift truck would mean that the forklift truck has an internal combustion engine that powers the forklift. Counterbalance is the weighted load to counter the load that the forklift has to lift. If this counterbalance is not there, the heavy load that is being lifted would topple the truck as it would lose balance completely.

There are many types of forklift classification that exist for different kinds of use that a forklift truck is put to. There are also sub-classifications in each of the Forklift classification that are commonly used. Although most countries make forklift trucks, the China forklift trucks are now being used all over the world. China forklift trucks are being exported to both developed and developing countries as the cost of the China forklift is very competitive and also the availability.

Usually a forklift manufacturer would fit a truck made by a truck manufacturer with the forklift since the technology to make a forklift is distinct from vehicle manufacture. Forklift sales without the forklift being fitted on the truck are very limited as the functionality of the forklift is enhanced if it is fitted on to a truck. Forklift merchants usually sell the forklift truck as a complete unit rather than only a forklift. A forklift manufacturer could get a custom forklift truck made according to the specifications given by the user.

Some trucks that fall under Forklift classification are:
* Rider –Trucks that run on Electric Motor
* Narrow-Aisle Trucks that run on Electric Motor
* Hand-Trucks that lift the load using a Electric Motor
* Trucks with either cushion tyres or solid tyres that are powered by Internal –Combustion- Engine
* Trucks with pneumatic tyres that are powered by Internal –Combustion- Engine
* Tractors that use Electric Motor
* Tractors that use Internal Combustion Engine
* Forklift-Trucks that are used in Rough Terrain

The above Forklift classification is not a complete one. Many forklift trucks are hybrids of these types of forklift trucks and any forklift manufacturer can make changes in the design and functionality of the forklift truck as required.

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