Forget The Hollywood Blockbusters Of Today. Give The Classics A Chance

By: Layla Caltier

Seems like you can't turn around downtown these days without bumping face-first into another movie poster. Or a commercial. Or any of the hours upon hours of previews that play every day in movie theatres across the US and around the world.

I get it. I do. It's all about moving forward, right? All in the name of progress? No, it's cool. But what happens to all of the movies that you've already made while you're out there advertising the new ones? What are those huge reels of film doing while you're whittling away at what you're hoping is going to be next summer's hit?

Want to know what happens to them? Do you really want to know? They're abandoned. Unloved. Left to lie around and collect dust on a shelf in a vault somewhere while everyone around them goes looking for something better. Banished to the back of the movie shelf and sold for practically nothing on eBay by “film buffs” looking for a way to clear off a little closet space.

I suppose it all makes sense. Everyone wants to be in on the latest. But think about it. There really is a reason why some people prefer to live in small towns; why their kids attend small schools, and why people still bake cookies for their neighbors every Christmas. Today isn't always an improvement on yesterday.

And that goes for movies too.
There is something sublime about classic films. Our world is replete with CGI animation and artistic directors who have access to unlimited technologies and special effects designed to bring more life to movies. Unfortunately, as has been moaned about for years, those bits of “progress” have caused movies to suffer. What steps movies have made in the way of violence, coloration, special effects and 3D technology have led to a dearth of good stories, character development and creative direction.

The great thing about the classics of yesteryear is that when they were made, the film industry in itself was in its infancy. There was a lot of experimentation and flexing of creative muscles. This led to some of the most creative and enthralling movies ever made.

There were no special effects. There wasn't even color - just black and white with very cinematic shades of gray. There really was a time when a film was made with the creative artistry of writers, directors, cameramen and actors who had no access to technology other than their own imagination. This was a time of deep story lines, odd plot twists, real character development and a whole generation of films to blow you away. These films may seem naïve in their technological simplicity. Perhaps that is the very thing that makes them so interesting when viewed today.

And in taking your breath away these classic films will take you back to yesteryear, with their rough graphics, poorly conceived special effects and the magnificent storylines that kept you watching anyway.

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