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The importance of having your heating and cooling system is appreciated by every homeowner. They can be installed by a plumbing and heating Pocklington service provider. You can either heat up the house because temperatures outside are too low or you are cooling the house because the outside temperatures have risen. To help ensure that the system is always functioning at peak performance, it may be necessary to get a plumbing and heating York expert to come in once in a while for maintenance.

Once it is time for summer or winter, most of these heating and cooling contractors are very busy and finding one may not be very easy. As such, the best time to have your system checked and maintenance done if necessary, is sometime around spring and fall when most people have not started bothering about the heat and the issue of cold is almost forgotten.

You may be wondering why you need to maintain your heating or cooling system when it was not very long that you bought it and had it installed. The simple answer is that it is for preventive care. By taking time to bring in a plumbing and heating Pocklington contractor to work on your system, you will be saving yourself a lot of money on repairs, utility bills and warranties that have become void. Understand that running your system for a year without maintenance is like running your car for ten years without maintenance. Of course you will not run your car for even a year without maintenance why would you leave your heating and cooling system to rot?

You could decide to check your system by yourself or you could bring in a contractor. The ideal thing to do is to bring in a contractor, especially if it is a major maintenance project. Whichever one you choose, the following is a checklist that will help you carry out proper maintenance.

• Check that the thermostat is properly set to ensure that the system is functioning at the right temperature when you are at home and switched off when you are out.

• Make sure that all electrical connections are properly in place. An improper connection can cause accidents as well as reduce the functionality of the system.

• Make sure that all moving parts of the system are adequately lubricated to ensure that they don’t cause the system to consume more energy that necessary.

• Make sure that the condensate drain is not clogged for this may cause flooding in the house and humidity problems.

When it comes to maintenance, there will be some operations that will be specific to either the heating or cooling system. Sometime, these activities may be too technical it will be better to have a plumbing and heating York contractor handle it.

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