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It is an old saying: Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince, and Dinner like a pauper. Very true, but the question is how many of us follow the statement in true sense. Before getting deeper into the topic, just ask yourself how regular you take your breakfast and if you are, see what you eat in breakfast. You’ll get to know how serious you take your breakfast and its health benefits to you.
Spice n Pulses is an online grocery store in Gurgaon, offering discounts over fruits and vegetables. So make the most of it and grab your breakfast ingredients from here.
The life you’re living is surely a fast paced life. There are two options – one is running behind your material goals skipping everything - in this, you’ll get some but loose more. And, the second is keeping care of everything - in this, the results are obvious and you need not to think about profit and loss.
The point is - when you know well about the kind of life you’re going to live, why putting your health on stake. Running every morning skipping your breakfast is clearly a bad idea. After hours of sleep in the night, you feel hungry next morning. But due to your busy living ways, you think that you’re a working machine. Running blindly skipping your breakfast is not a good thing, really.
Is it this much tough? - Having your breakfast and other day meals.
It is really… really needed to break your fast every morning. As you’ll feel good having the much needed energy to make you function throughout the day.
A good breakfast means – getting your cognitive functions efficient, improved memory and concentration level. And with other medicinal benefits in – high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.
For your convenience, the listed breakfast ideas will best fit in nutrient needs to your body and hectic schedule of your lifestyle, as
Moong Dal Cheela
A rich source of nutrition. About pulses, these remain low in cholesterol, fat and high in dietary fiber, protein. A lightweight food you can start your day with, also simple to prepare.
• Soak and grind dal overnight
• Use in making cheelas
• Fry cheelas, can sprinkle paneer for more taste
• Consume with tomato ketchup and green chutney
Idli Sambhar
A south Indian delicacy known for its taste and healthy combination, steamed and no oils used.
• Soak and grind urad dal overnight
• Mash dal & mix ingredients to make sambhar
• Prepare a mix of rice
• Steam the mix in idli maker
• Now consume … you know well how to.
Green Pea Paratha
A rich source of vitamin A, C and iron, green peas contain many goods, for your better health.
Just add green peas with the normal preparation for paratha.
Use of onions, carrots, ginger, capsicums, green chillies and tomato pack the food with too much nutrients.
• Prepare for the ingredients for upma
• Roast the rava in pan and see it is fragrant
• Add 2 tsp of ghee or oil and 1 tsp of mustard seeds
• Fry till urad and chana dal turn a bit brown
• Now add rest of the ingredients
Oatmeal & Banana Smoothie
Quick and solid healthy drink. Can be taken anytime but more suitable for breakfast.
Prepare with the mash and mix of milk, oatmeal, banana and aromatic cinnamon.
With these breakfast options, you’ll not miss your morning food any day.

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