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By: Anida Luci

When you are planning to start a training program for your child or youth foot ball team, there are many things to take into consideration. The first and foremost factor that you should consider for football training is safety. Good health and proper techniques help in preventing injuries from occurring. Regular exercise helps the young football players to develop stamina as they grow.

Football training can be given to kids in long term process without putting much pressure on them. You can concentrate on general workout routines and combine them with speed drills, which will be helpful for all sports and good health as well.

The most important factors necessary for a good football training program are safety, supervision and proper guidance. Contact football training programs start as early as, the age of ten and it is also considered as a significant time for various reasons.

Game becomes more competitive gradually and a healthy competition proves to be very helpful in self improvement. Being in good health is most essential as injury or ill health doesn’t give you much time to play. Injury caused may not just be muscle sprain or strain; it might even be long term injury which does not show up early. Proper care should be taken so that growing kids do not end with long term injury, as it could be a hindrance to their football dream. Appropriate training techniques must be adapted to minimize the risk of injuries.

As the competition among players gets tougher, coaches, player s and parents plan to start a physical training program when the time is right. Before starting football training program or any other fitness training program, it is always better to consult your doctor. A sports physician examines the young player to ascertain whether strenuous workouts are suitable to them or not. There could be health problems like asthma which hasn’t shown any signs yet. Such problems can totally drain out the young players.

Young football players tend to dehydrate much faster than adults. When the workout plans are being established, this should be kept in mind. Adult supervision or professional guidance is necessary when practice is going on, to look out for signs of dehydration and fatigue. The type of workout and the duration of the fitness program depend on the age and physical capability of the football players. It is necessary to understand the physical capability of your child to ensure they he or she is not harmed. This information should be provided to the coach or trainer running the practice or exercise.

There are different types of exercises which can be practiced regularly for football training. The most effective form of exercise is speed drills. These short, intense drills can be performed at any age. Short sprints, shuttle runs and others add fun and enthusiasm to the regular workouts without adding much pressure on young players. Proper training, regular practice and good shape are very important for young football players to prepare their mind and body for football season.

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