Foods To Prevent Cancer

By: Brana Genesis

Superfoods -A Potent Way to Prevent Cancer

You do not need to be diagnosed with cancer to begin adding superfoods to your diet. It is become more and more accepted that eating superfoods can help maintain the body ward off disease and stay healthy. What makes plant based superfoods so potent is the number of phytonutrients they contain. Phytochemicals or phytonutrients are simply the powerful nutrients found in many plants. When you start studying superfoods, you soon find that there are many different ones and that they often taste great.

Most people may not have thought about watermelon as being a potent cancer prevention fruit. There are many good reasons to include this fruit in your diet on a regular basis. You'll find the same sources of nutrients across the spectrum, so there's overlap with them but that's not a bad thing. One of the most valuable nutrients found in watermelon is Vitamin C, and one serving gives you practically a whole day's worth of this vitamin. Watermelon is also rich in lycopene, making it, along with tomatoes, a powerful anti cancer food. Watermelons also have a large amount of beta carotene (Vitamin A), which is an antioxidant that helps prevent cancer. The tomato is one of the most nutritional vegetables out there, very versatile and full of benefits. You can help protect against cancer, which is why it is also a superfood. There are several compounds within tomatoes, and one in particular, lycopene, has interested science for many years. In essence, lycopene is a phytochemical. And this substance has been shown to prevent cardiovascular disease and colon cancer in some patients. Tomatoes have the same very radical fighters that vitamins A, E, and C have. Considering that superfoods provide many beneficial effects, it is the compounds that are actually doing the job. There is a lot more to the back story, but you should just realize that cancer, and other diseases, can be prevented because of what is found in tomatoes.

Ellagic acid is an important nutrient for preventing cancer, and one tasty place you'll find this is in raspberries. Some of the most powerful superfoods of all that fight cancer contain this nutrient. What ellagic acid does is target cancerous cells and accelerate cell death. Even better, it is not harmful to non-cancerous cells. Additionally, the essential nutrients in raspberries will remain intact even if you freeze them. In fact, any form of raspberries, such as jellies and jams, will still have ellagic acid present and you can reap the benefits.

Superfoods, and their related benefits, should be written on a list so that you can have that handy when you go shopping. It is in your best interest to have a healthy diet. It can keep you healthy, now, and for years to come. Although some people equate these foods too bad medicine they remember as a child, they are not that bad, and you should get into the habit of eating them. Doing this is all about keeping you alive for as long as possible, and being healthy while living.

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