Food Clean Rooms Allow You to Ensure a Quality Foundation for Production

By: Nicholas Benjamin

A clean room is a blank slate necessary in most industrial applications. When it comes to food safety, the importance of the clean room actually becomes quite clear. Indeed, in order to get the best product integrity, an absolutely clean space must be used. There cannot be any impurities introduced, otherwise the quality of the final product could be compromised.

Improving safety for the end consumer is the goal for any company working within the food supply chain. Yet not every clean room has been made to the same standard. If you are currently considering multiple clean rooms for purchase, there are a few things that you will need to think about ahead of time before making any final decisions.

You need to first thing about how you want the clean room to be set up in your facility. Is there an intuitive setup between your "dirty" zone and the "clean" zone? If not, you will need to modify this with foot traffic in mind.

The clean zone also needs to be designed for maximum air flow and air regulation in general. HEPA filters should be a standard filter. The tighter the filter, the better system you will have. Did you know that the average solitary bacterium cell has a size of only two micrometers? A HEPA filter that can catch particles of smaller size will cut down on the possibility of bacteria -- always a good thing.

What if your organization could reduce the rate of spoilage in foods produced? Managing bacteria and molds is a key factor in this. Food clean rooms are going to be different than a series of clean rooms set up for someone within the semiconductor industry, where dust can make a big difference in how the end product comes out.

Once you know that you have a clean room design that works for your organization, you will be able to go out and find a company that can bring it to life. Asking plenty of questions before making a final commitment is definitely the key to pulling off a successful purchase. This is a critical purchase for most manufacturers, so you want to ensure that you're going through as many considerations as possible.

If you're preparing the information specifically for a key decision maker, they will certainly appreciate having all of the information at a glance to make the best purchase for the organization. Do keep in mind that every clean room will be rated at a different ISO level, going from 9 all the way up to 1. A room that is rated ISO Class 1 is held to a much stricter standard than one rated a Class 9. The food industry will require a different level of cleanliness than other industries, so keep this in mind as you make your final selections. Either way, you'll be able to immediately raise your organization's output, quality, and selectiveness simply by starting out with a great foundation: a clean room calibrated to meet your organization's needs as much as possible. Check it out today!

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