Food Allergies Can Be A Cause of Migraines

By: EileenDavies

Migraines are a recurring problem for millions of people. There are tons of possibilities for triggers, but these triggers are often different for each person and their individual circumstances. The main triggers for migraine headaches are often ones that have a direct affect on the blood vessels in the brain. One such trigger could quite possibly be related to hidden food allergies that you may have and not know it.

When you think about food allergies, you often think about the more serious allergic reactions like hives and swelling of the throat. The truth is that not all food allergies will show with symptoms that severe. Some can include a simple itchiness of the skin, while others will present as chronic migraine headaches. These allergies are often referred to as food sensitivities because a full blown allergic reaction does not occur.

Quite often a migraine headache that occurs as a reaction of a food sensitivity will be experienced a day or two after you have eaten the particular food that you are sensitive to. This is why it is often difficult to diagnose migraines and their relation to food sensitivities.

The best way to figure out if food sensitivities are the trigger for your migraines is to keep a record of the foods that you eat and the incidences of migraine headaches that you experience. You will then need to go through a rather lengthy process of eliminating one food at a time for about a week to see if there are any changes in your migraines. This is a long process, particularly if you eat a broad range of foods, but it is one that will often show you the proof of a food sensitivity or a lack of one.

Another option is the home tests that are available. It is a simple test that can determine if you have food sensitivities and what they are. When you can quickly identify the food sensitivities that you may have, you can quickly get rid of the migraine headaches that you experience as a response.

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