Follow The 5 Laws Of Success In Network Marketing

By: Jordan Schultz

All of us that have been involved in this industry for a little while know there are some laws for success that are followed by all of the big money earners, and we know what those laws are and we follow these laws daily. We know it takes dedication to achieve the big results, the difference between sorting and selling, the importance of helping others first, to truly love our business, and what type of people to be around to become successful. Here are 5 simple laws to live by to reach success in your business!

1-MASSIVE ACTION=MASSIVE RESULTS- I know what it’s like to expect instant gratification for an action, we stare at our e—mail box right after we post an advertisement or write an article. You should be spending your time marketing more. Simply track your results, and then when you do achieve the results you’ll know right where they’re coming from and what works. In order to achieve the results that are necessary to earn lots of money in any business we should spend more time acting and less time waiting for results.

I’m going to pick one topic just as an example, and that is going to be article writing. If you want to choose article writing as a method of marketing, then you should study articles from professionals first. Get to know what works, and what is attracting you to read these specific articles, and then start writing your own. When you do start writing articles, you should be writing atleast 1-2 articles per day, and releasing them to multiple article directories as well as posting them to your different social sites, blogs, and bookmarking sites.

The point is no matter what marketing method you choose to use for your business, you should be going at it full steam because Massive Action=Massive Results. This is the #1 law of success and it always will be. Don’t think that because you sent out one e-mail and haven’t seen results that it doesn’t work. Every one of these methods will work for you and your MLM business, and they've You just need to hit them hard or not at all!

2-PROFESSIONALS SORT AND AMATEURS SELL- Everyone feels they have the best Network marketing business in the world, and everyone wants to share their opportunity with the world. The only difference between a professional sharing his/her opportunity and an amateur doing it, is that a professional will first qualify a prospect for his/her time before they even speak with that prospect. An amateur will try to pitch his/her opportunity to anyone that will listen to them! Before you go any further in your business, you have to decide what you want to be, a professional or an amateur.

Why do I feel sorting is a better method? Well, let’s say 1000 people visit my website everyday and I only have enough time to talk with 5 of those people, wouldn’t I want to make sure I’m talking with the right people? The answer is Yes! faster rate, because I’m not wasting my time with the so-called tire kickers. I’m only talking to the people that want my help and are ready to work hard to reach success in their business!

3-CREATE SUCCESS IN OTHERS AND IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU TEN FOLD- If you were in this business to make money only for yourself, how far do you think you will make it? The philosophy behind this industry is to help others reach success as well, and by helping them achieve success to begin with you will benefit from it! If you get a reputation for signing people up to get their initial sign-up fee, do you think other people are going to want to work with you? No, and to operate your business in such a manner is foolish!

When you show your team how to reach success, they’re going to be happy to give you testimonials, which will just be an added bonus to the money you’re making off of their work! When you can start getting paid off of other people’s work, that’s when this industry truly becomes fun! This is a business, and you want to make money from it, but you want to have the time freedom as well. The only way you will ever achieve complete time freedom in any business is to have successful people working for you!

4-LOVE YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR BUSINESS WILL LOVE YOU- This has to be one of the most important of the 5 laws of success. To love your business just means that you must treat this as a multi-million dollar business, and you will get a multi-million dollar business. If you’re spending an hour here and there marketing, and not really studying too much to improve yourself, then you’re business is and will continue to be just a hobby and it will be an expensive hobby at that!

If on the other hand you’re very organized, you schedule your marketing time, your phone time, your studying time, and your free time, you’ll be running a business. attendance. You must improve the quality of yourself and your business every day to assist those on your team. You have to hold yourself accountable and not expect anyone else to make your business a success. Plain and simple follow these 5 laws of success, and your business will love you!

5-SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THE KIND OF PEOPLE YOU WANT TO BECOME- We’ve all been told that mindset is one of the key factors in deciding what you’ll become in life. When you work a J.O.B. your mindset is stuck in “I have to work more hours to make more money”! When you own a business your mindset will change to “How can I make more money off of what I already have and off of other people’s work as well?” One of the best ways to change your mindset is to start hanging around the type of person that you want to become!

Learn what they do on a daily basis to achieve their success. Get to know the way they think! begin to think and act like they do! Now since we’re doing most of our business online, and we don’t get to see these people when we’re first starting out, how can we hang around with them? Well I don’t literally mean to hang out next to them, but you can link up with them on different social networking sites, read their articles, study their websites and blogs, and get inside their mind and start to see what they do differently from the 97% of the failures out there.

These 5 laws of success were written for this industry, but that doesn’t mean they don’t apply to almost any part of your life. In any part of life, the more we act, the more we achieve. The less time we waste, the more we achieve. The more we help others succeed, the more we will also succeed. The more we love what we do, the more successful we will be at it. The more we get into the proper mindset and surround ourselves in the company of successful people of that position, the more we will be successful at what we’re doing. Especially to have success in this industry though, you must follow these 5 laws of success!

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Most of these laws can be learned, except for loving your business. That is something only you can do for yourself and your business. If you want to be able to implement the other laws and have success in network marketing, I’ll show you how.

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