Foam Boards - Highly Reliable And Versatile

By: Sunil Punjabi

Custom and regular foam boards can prove to be of great use for putting up announcements, sales and promotional campaigns and as notice boards for posters and official circulars. Whatever is the requirement, there are foam board varieties designed specifically to meet that requirement. It is therefore important that you try to match your requirement with the foam board variety and pick and choose wisely. There are options in terms of color of the surfaces, the size of the boards and sometimes their shapes too. There are single sided and double sided foam board varieties available as well. You can find standard 5mm boards in a wide variety of finishes too, such as glossy, satin or even matte finish. There are high resolution boards in bigger sizes that can serve your purpose as well.

foam boards can be purchased in many different sizes such as 30 X 40 inches and 46 X 94 inches. There are composite varieties which can be custom printed with important content. You can go for thinner or harder varieties, singled sided and double sided composite boards and colored and biodegradable boards that can exactly fit your criteria. An excellent option available to you is the foam board with self-adhesive sides so that they can be joined from end to end in some cases when bigger displays are required. You will also be able to pick acid free varieties. Another common choice that you have is the PVC boards and the acrylic boards used for presentations. Special flame resistant boards are also available for specific environments.

You can go for foam boards which are 1/8 to 3/8 inches thick and are versatile enough to be used for a variety of displays. These can be used as graphics art boards, ideal for screen printing. They come with a variety of mounting options as well. These boards are just as useful for prototypes as well. In some cases, the foam board actually has a layer of polystyrene core which provides lot of resilience to heavy duty usage as well as damage. The extruded core is sometimes added between multiple layers of clay paper. Thus, the boards provide versatility in terms of their thickness, finish and design and prove to be extremely useful for die cutting and framing industries.

If you are very specific about the dimensions of foam boards there are some interesting varieties such as the ones with memory that offer shape resistance. These boards with their awareness of their dimensions are resistant to impact, dents and dimples. There are also boards designed with a high level of reception to paints and inks of different kinds so that lasting impressions can be created on the board if needed. The biodegradable ones are environmental friendly and just as useful when it comes to their utility. These boards also come handy for conservation framing of photos and artwork. There are medium sized standees too which come with a metal base and can be shaped with die cutting into many forms.

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